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    Selling Level 60 Hybrid 1 Def - 85 RangeSelling My Hybrid 1 Def Pure. No Recovs/Registered Email. Not Going First. Willing To Use MM/OMM Your Fees/ You Go First. Accepting Paypal/RSGP PM Meselling lvl 72 bank stats A/w 30m pm me Email is [email protected] to talk.{RSGP}Sell 77CMBT rune pureAttack: 60 Strength: 76 Defence: 40 Range: 70 Pray: 44 Magic: 65 Feltching: 80 Good account, ONLY accepting RSGP :: CLICK HERE FOR IMAGE thanks, 3v0Level 63 Combat 99 Herblore and 96 Cooking - Poker -Add 30 Dollars to my poker account and its yours. Must be done via WU,Or credit card. Cheap Account. Also Selling 125 account 83 Dung for 50 dollars added to my poker account. 65 FOR BOTH ! [email protected]♔♔♔Selling a Zerker Pure♔♔♔35m rsgpHey Guys! today im selling my berserker pure of which i have owned for some years now leveling and questing you might wonder wtf is this guy some kind of love you selling this account? but noi have decided to move on and play on my main and with the funds from this account it will help me level him! here are some FAQ's: will we get a vmm? yes! do you acept any other form of payment: No sorry ): What is your :[email protected] So just message me on there and we can talk about prices Thank you so muchSelling 3 letter names [RSGP]1eg 1ob 1ap 1ux selling cheap[RSGP] Selling level 68 Pure- 99 magic 80 str 80 range 97 fishing 2 def. [35M]Rule One : YOU FIRST. im not gonna get scammed again. [35M] PM if interested[Chaotic]Under 70 Combat Chaotic PureHow much would an account with the following stats worth? 80 Attack Under 80 Strength 1 Defence 1 Prayer 92 Dungeoneering Under 70 Combat
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.