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    Selling awesome handcannoneer!!!!Please lock this thread, accidentally created it[PP][RsGp] 78lvl pure f2p 77 95 1 32 More here// : [email protected] Hello sythe members Im here to sell one of my old pures. Some facts about this account ect: * Im the orginal creator and owner of this account. * I will provide as much info as possible about this account. * I WILL NOT GO FIRST unless you are trusted [20 + trustworthy vouches]! * I will not waste my time / $ with OMM or MM as this is not big deal. * Im accepting money trought PayPal [must send as gift] OR [RSGP] * Do not offer swaps or pins or w/e else Account Combat level: 78 Have Member quests for PKing. 1. 2.STAKER [100cmb] BOXER --- [Rsgp][PayPal][Swaps]100 combat level melle boxer Stats: Att:88 Str:84 Def:90 Con:87 Screenshot's: Stats: Log in: No bank pin Payment's: PayPal: no A/w set offer me away. Rsgp: No a/w set offer me away. Swap:Only swaping with trusted users so no offer me if u are not trusted. Rules: I will NOT go first at all. I an open to using a VMM, I don't cover fees but I am # .Scammers beware I wont fall for your tricks. PLEASE FILL OUT THIS FORM BEFORE CONTACTING ME ON : Ur offer: (If swap link to thread) : Contacts:pm feel free to ask any question's HAPPY BIDDING[PAYPAL] Looking to buy Range tank!hey, looking to buy a reasonably good range tank, all info.. no e-mail etc.. hopefully quested well... 95+ range (99 hopefully) 85+ def (99 hopefully) 85+ mage(94 hopefully) post offers, serious/trusted sellers only. ThankyouBUYING 30 def turmoil pure or max 1 defclosed net double posted.selling 99 mage pure! pp/rsgp/swapHello, I'm selling a rs pure that I have been working on for the past 2 months but have grown quite busy and can't find the time to play anymore. So I'm selling my personal pure account. Picture of account is below: tinypic/r/11l5x8m/7 The account has 18 days of membership left. Will meet you ingame or provide any proof that you request and I can provide. It comes with about 5.6m total. Accepting either pp/rsgp/swap Upon buying account you will recieve all information including: old passwords, membership info, creation date, email, and PINs for membership. Add me at [email protected] or post offer below. Lvl 69. 79 range. 94 mage.Uploaded with looking for around 20m+ i will be willing to work with offersSelling Lvl 87 Rune pure [Quested Def] MM and DT Done.It also has rune gloves!!!!!! It does have recovery question but those will be reset once i have found a buyer. A/W = 20mI will also be swaping for a good skiller PM me or Reply if interested.
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