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    Sell Account - EQ1 88 zerker 88 Zerker 1027 AA - Firiona Vie server

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    1.0 Completed Only selling character, not the account. Looking for around $100 including transfer. PM me for any additional info you want/need Total Platinum Trade Account - EQ2 WTS EQ2 account 7 year vet rewards 90 guardian decent geared good for Pling has all stonewill gear around 280 AA 90 ranger around 270 AA 90 Coercer 89 inquisitor 75 twink wizard This account is on nagafen PvP server and comes with 7 years veteran rewards will trade for a DECENT EQ1 account dont ask me to trade for a WoW account cause im not interested Will also sell this account for $150 very cheap for an account like this they sell for $500+ on with 7 year vet add me AIM evillichzek Total Platinum Sell Account - eQ2 BB ACCOUNT 90 inquis with raid gear, 90 rnager with raid gear, 88 necro with some raid gear. and various alts form 30-50. ASll toons are equiped with gear. The ranger and inquis where in a top 3 raiding guild. They have very nice gear pre new exp and some of the new stuff too. I am asking 200 via paypal will releas account info after sale. If you want to look the account up its ironpanther095 Ty Total Platinum Sell Account - EQ1 90 mage 90 mage on Povar/Quellious over 40k unbuffed mana t8 flagged and t4 flagged EM8 300hp/mana/end Ember Wurm Saddle and Chimera mount Idol of Severilous around 1k aa's epic 2.0 looking for $300 obo. Total Platinum Sell Account - EQ1 EQ1 LVL 90 Mage 1645aa's HOT 90 Male Erudite Mage - Drinal,maelin server unbuffed: HP: 35842 MP: 37175 Patterns unused: 6xT4 patterns. T4 access. Lucid Wrist x2 Lucid Legs Lucid Head Lucid Hands Lucid Feet weapon: Umbrage t4 Ear: companion's Purple Earring ( EM VIII focus) t4 Ear: earring of disturbing visions rings: Dracolich bone ring t3 rings: Dream servant's ring t4 neck: warlord's Dragontooth necklace t4 back: cloak of disturbing visions...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.