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    Hello I Just quit from league of legends and i wanna sell my acc i have 52 champs Champs: Runes: Skins: Nurse Akali Unchained Alistar Sheriff Caitlyn Sailor Gangplank Hired Gun Graves Infiltrator Irelia Grim Reaper karthus Judgment Kayle Karate Kennen Prestigious LeBlanc Traditional Lee Sin and Acolyte Lee Sin Ionia Master yi Mafia Miss Fortune Galactic Nasus French maid Nidalee Professor Ryze (There Is not on Shop) Royal Shaco Mad Scientist Singed Renegade Talon and Grimson Elite Talon Badger Teemo Riot Skin Tristana From FB Aristocrat Vayne General Wukong and Jade Dragon Wukong 1384 elo on 3v3! 1412 elo on solo que 1264 elo on premade 5v5 if u are interested Add me On : halfwing.halfwing Price: 150 euro
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.