Sold SEA WTS Ranger 120/60 Raw Attack 6.9K+ / Full Buff 12K+. Total Contri 420K+/GM 480+

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  1. Veleno

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    WTS Ranger 120/60, Total Contri 420k++/With Pray 390k++, GM 480++,

    Raw Attack No SelfBuff/PartyBuff/Dish/Food = 6.9k+
    Attack FullBuff Dish B/Food/SelfBuff/Bless+Impos Priest = 12k+

    (Update) Zeny in hand 45jt++ (partly used for enhance weapon & acc)

    • Quest Upgrade Plan I ~ VI Clear
    • Quest Version Challenge Ep1.0 ~ 3.0 Clear
    • Quest Manual (Main Story) Prologue, Chap.1, Chap.3, Chap.4 Clear


    +10 MysteryBow [2], Range Att 5% Upgrade VIII
    +6 Ranger Clothes [1], Range Att 7.5% Upgrade IV
    +6 Nile's Braclet
    +10 Blueeve Cape [1] Crit DMG 5.6% Upgrade VIII
    +6 Adv SackTeddy, Crit DMG 6.7%
    +3 FIB [1] Broken, DMG Inc 2.2% Att 29
    +7 FIB Dmg Inc, 2.4% Att 24
    +7 Brooch [1], Dmg Inc 2.5% Att 22
    +4 Firmament Horn, ATT 39
    +4 Hockey Mask, Att 35
    +4 Eye of Dawn, Att 41
    +4 Tokken of Love, Att 43
    +4 Goblin Leader Mask, DMG inc 3.5%
    +4 Spiked Scarf, Dex +7
    +6 Quiver, Att 40
    +4 Fire Deviruchi Tail, Att 29
    +7 Luna Brooch [1], DMG Inc 4% Max


    Minorous Card x2
    Rocker* x1
    Archer Skeleton* x1
    Baphomet Jr x
    Hydra Card x2
    Menblatt Card x2
    Thara Frog Card x2
    Drainliar Card x2
    Manragora Flower Card x1
    Ultraman Card x1
    and many deposite ATT card

    ~> Never set security code ingame
    ~> Recharge BCC still got x2
    ~> Coocking all food unlock and a lot ingredients for rare food coocking
    ~> Silver Medal 1300++
    ~> Many stack material and some rare material ready for selling
    ~> a lot blueprint & equipment drop from ET (you can check on Whitesmith cart and storage)
    ~> another char Whitesmith 88 & Lord Knight 81 ready for Pet Adventure

    ==================== Detail check on photo ===================================

    Account only bind Facebook who still im using. (i cant give it because too many app still connected with my FB account)
    Account empty from binding any Gmail, im never binding it with any Gmail. you can bind it with your Own Gmail.

    In order transaction with my Account

    Ill give my Facebook account Email and Password.
    You can login with it, and binding my Ragnarok Mobile account with your own Gmail.
    You can set scurity code ingame.
    after that you can give me back my Facebook account.
    No hackback or scam anything. (and it cant be as long you set security code ingame)
    Im just purely stop playing Ragnarok Mobile because got busy from my working activity

    Price: 150$ #

    Payment: Paypall

    Contact Discord: Ren #5720[​IMG]
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