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Discussion in 'Maplestory Accounts for Sale - Buy and Sell' started by Facebook, 8/1/14.

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    Just a warning to the people that are intersted in his 170 love you or 149 NL.

    He admits he scams in his thread and on msn.

    It's actually kinda sad that you posted this, you blocked me and ran away crying after I revealed that you were obese in RL o_O

    Bad luck on being scammed, but there is a section for this and this is just going to get closed.

    Repost it here:

    He wasn't scammed. Infact, I was just talking love you the whole time. This is still no proof I'm a scammer :)

    I could say I'm jesus and it wouldn't be true obviously. So I could say I can magically scam any account I want, would it be true?

    This isn't proof, either way.

    Hows it not proof? You said you scammed Cruel and tons of other people.

    I also say I'm jesus, so I'm jesus, right?

    no thats just nonsense

    Your proof is nonsense. Jealous about my accounts huh? :p

    Sure im jealous I never said I wasn't but, I think its a good enough proof. You already said that you scam in your thread.

    Originally Posted by xcruelshadex

    Dont buy the NL from this **** head. He scammed it off me. And xfered it to kradia then HT hacked it.

    Originally Posted by BubbaSanches

    That's why it's called a black market, smart one.

    quoted from his thread
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