Sold Sale ll 7213 Karma ll 4 Months Old ll Can Create SubReddits ll Only 5.00

Discussion in 'Reddit Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Healthy Cravez, 1/20/21.

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    Post-Karma - 2787
    Comment Karma - 4260

    Can Post To All Major Subreddits
    100% Secure From Seller Fraudulent
    No hacked or cracked - I sell self-created accounts only
    All Karma Got Legitimately - No Bots / Re-Post or NSFW

    Price - $13.00 Only


    1. I sell only self-created accounts. I don't sell hacked/cracked accounts.
    2. I never used bots or any illegal tool to get the karma. All karma on my accounts is always from real people.

    3. I never do spam or any illegal activity to get the karma. Not even post NSFW content (Which is not illegal, but I don't do). I do follow Reddit wide rules as well as the communities where I participate.

    4. What I've mentioned in my listing is not just a selling tactic, all my words are genuine and I do mean what I've said.

    5. I know "Reddit Wide Rules" and almost all "Major Subreddits Rules" and can guide you about getting started on Reddit.

    6. I care and always thankful to my buyers.

    7. Finally, My prices are always cheap.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.