S/T> Runescape/Neopets/FlyFF/Scania = Bera Itms/Mesos/Accounts~! Click 4 Details! ^^

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    ~ As title states, I'm buying Bera itms, mesos, and accounts. ~ Also Buying Scania!

    Contact me to discuss/if interested.

    Contact Me For More Details:

    1) AIM: *****************************************************

    2) MSN: *****************************************************

    3) Reply to this post

    4) E-mail: (not preferred;slow) *****************************************************

    Trading the following for Bera stuff:

    FlyFF: 20m penya, Full Snowboard Set (F), Full Layered Set +3, Bow of Spirit +3, P Lvls, more

    Runescape: 1 million GP o_O, 10k + All nonmember runes, 6+ rune itms (2 picks, 2h, scim, b axe, more), 1k lobs, more....

    Neopets: 7 million NP, Everlasting Apple, More...

    Scania: 10 million mesos, 2 tobis, 2 icys, 2 kumbis, Korean Fan, Lolly, Sauna Robe (full dex, 0 slots), more...

    ONLY Trading Methods:

    1) Middleman from GZP irc

    2) Well-known, trusted middleman

    3) You Give First (You can trust me, but for safety's sake, use option "1)"

    4) Possibly Selling Stuff Above = USD $$$. Paypal.

    ~ Happy Trading! ~

    Help me keep my post up ^_^. (~Bump!)

    ~# Click the "Add to phoenixscars reputation" button on the bottom left if you feel random enough to ^^. Or if you've successfully traded with me. #~

    SCAMMERS: Do not even try. Waste of both of our lives.

    Reply if you're interested/need something.


    ~Random Bump

    ~~Bump~~ Anyone? o_O...

    I think ... Bera is too popular.

    hey i got a bera stuff i could sell or trade for i was wondering could i trade bera money and items or flyff but here message me on aim or msn oo yeah wat i was wondering if i could get flyff items then ill give u ms items or we we will talk about this later


    msn:[email protected]

    ~Bump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still available.

    I am willing to trade you a lot of items on Bera for...

    Neopets: 7 million NP, Everlasting Apple, More...
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