S> priest 90 full info with mail.

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    Job: Priest

    Level: 91

    Legit 100%, never hacked,never botted,never scammed.

    On ranks

    Server: Scania

    Full info: i will provide you all the the info - id,password,pin,security question,last name,birthday date,email,email password.

    Equipes: Zakum helemet (15/15/15/16) ,kage, overall and all others stuff...

    Money: 865k.

    HP: 1142, MP 5999.

    Magic: 522


    STR 19 (4+15)

    DEX 20 (5+15)

    424 (395+29)

    LUK 95 (76+19)

    1st job skills (magician skills)

    Improved Mp recovery 16 (max)

    improved max mp 10 (max

    Magic guard 20 (max)

    Magic armor 0

    Energy bolt 1

    Magic claw 20 (max)

    Second Job skills (cleric skills)

    Mp eater 20 (max)

    Teleport 20 (max)

    Heal 30 (max)

    Invincible 20 (max)

    Bless 20 (max)

    Holy arrow 11

    Three job skills (priest skills)

    ER 20 (max)

    Dispel 8

    Door 1

    HS 30 (max)

    Shininy ray 2

    doom 1

    Summion dragon 2


    I aceept paypal only please.

    make offers, we can talk about the price

    How we will make the trade?

    You send 1st/we will use trusted middle man

    Contact me in:

    Msn Messenger:

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