S> NA LoL Account w/ PAX TF Skin and 28 other skins

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    Selling NA LoL Account w/ PAX TF Skin and 28 other skins along with 52 champions. I figured that I was able to get a few hundred from this account, knowing that I need cash desperately because prom is coming. I'm a new member, however we have to start somewhere correct? I'm here to sell and not scam. All transaction will be dealt through and with paypal. Any how feel free to ask any questions I'll be glad to respond with a reasonable price. I will be happy to screen share with you through . DO NOT LOW BALL. Offer must be at least 300$, I will take the highest offer. : TrayvonTyce Champions with Skins: Ahri: Foxfire Alistar: Unchained Anivia: Bird of Prey Annie: Red Riding Ashe: Woad Corki: Urfrider Evelynn: Masquerade Ezreal: Explorer Graves: Riot Katarina: Mercenary, Slay Belle Kayle: Judgement Leona: Valkyrie Lux: Imperial Olaf: Brolaf Orianna: Bladecraft Ryze: Pirate Swain: Tyrant Syndra: Justicar Taric: Bloodstone Teemo: Cottontail Tristana: Buccaneer Twisted Fate: PAX,Underworld Vayne: Vindicator, Aristocrat Veigar: White Mage Vladimir: Vandal Zed: Shockblade
Thread Status:
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