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    Hey I am Selling a Level 103 Dragon Knight(Hybrid). And I forgot I only accpet scania accounts,mesos,nx.

    Full Info-Yes


    Nexon Cash-Yes

    Job- DragonKnight(Hybrid)




    Fully Equiped-Yes

    SS is below.


    Bumpppp still up!!

    erh i dont understand you dont need usd lol?

    UrghH i might but depends how close you live next to me. Some people wouldnt do it cause the ylive to far from me.

    Will you accept steam accounts? all games. i show proof of VAC status and everything. I have a thread of things i want for the steam accounts, post in there if you want.

    is the thread.

    your saying your accepting nx?

    thats the same as usd.. i'm buying accounts level 100+ through paypal,

    so far everyone i have talked to selling an account expects the one with the REAL U.S Dollars, hard earned american money to go first? thats just too much of a scam for me :)

    Sorry I only play Maplestory so i only accept scania or "USD". And If you want to talk about the accounts Hydes_Bank add me and we talk about it.

    wants the one with the usd to go first, no thanks. next plz

    -- wasnt a big deal at first but he as a problem so..

    i will save everyone time: if you dont go first, "GTFO" + block.

    becoz he doesnt use mms either.

    Still up and dont mean if i didnt sy anything about MM dont mean anything . I can talk about MM when you add me. Fcking retard now GTFO of my thread.
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