S > 43, nearly 44 Assasin on Azphel

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    All usable skills obtained, lvl 41 "epic" weapon obtained and upgraded to +1. Also owns a Tormat Ring, one of the best rings obtainable for a long time, worth several million kinah. Character also has over 4m kinah. The character is only about 3 bars of exp from lvl 44 so 85%~ into 43. Character has reached the soft cap for crit and currently wields two swords. Character also has 3 Lodas Amulets still that give a bonus 20% exp for an hour. As for trade skills, Cooking is currently 280, and Extract Vitality (gathering) is around 270. So an estimated 1-2m spent on training/supplies for that. Account is still active so you would still have plenty of free game time. 40k+ spendable abyss points. There are no alts, as I spent a great amount of time trying to master my character in PvP and PvE. You will truly see the amazing DPS of this char in a party. If you have any questions feel free to ask. This character is on the Azphel server, with many server firsts. It is very balanced in the Abyss with the Elyos on being the first in the United States to conquer an upper level abyss fort.
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