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    60 Attack Rune PureSelling my rune pure to get turmoil on main. Second picture is a week or 2 old but still has all items shown. Defence is quested. Taking offers for this but only over 50m. Thanks.93 Combat Zerker - Going Cheap.Hey, i found my old zerker yesterday and i have absolutely no use for it, havent touched him in three years. Will sell extremely cheaply, Through paypal or Rsgp. Leave your bid below. AutoWin = 15mill/$10 Combat:93 Any questions ask. Willing to sell for 10mill. Has a 6.7mill bank. Price checked. Willing to sell it for 6.5mill i just want to get rid of the account. NEW! /START/[RSGP] Selling 40 Defence Pure 60mill [RSGP]: [email protected] Why should you buy this account? All account details included! Original owner! Eligible for Veteran Cape! 10 years old! Terms of sale No swaps Post before adding me on . I WILL use a OMM or MM if wanted/needed. All details will be provided with the account. Offers in RSGP ONLY. Starting Bid: 5m Current Bid: 5 mill Auto Win: 55M[FOR SALE] Epic Ranged Mage tank Mauler [IMAGES] no recoveries!For sale i have a Ranged mage tank combat level 72: The stats are as follows: 22 pray was quested, and is also a requirment to wear void. He comes with many valuable untradeables as shown here: Quests completed: Animal magnetism The Blood Pact Deathcon II Demon slayer Doric's Quest Elemental workshop I Elemental workshop II Ernest the chicken Family Crest Fight Arena The Fremminik Trials Horror from the Deep The Knight's Sword Merlin's Crystal Priest in Peril The Restless ghost Rune Mysteries Swept away Unstable foundations I am the original owner of the account, and it does not have any recovery requestions, if you need further information or would like to post an offer you're welcome to post here. i'd like to sell this account ASAP so i can get supplies to train my new pure. THANK-YOUInsane 67 CB 1 Deffence pure, 99 str+++ Only 40$!Hey guys, I bring you another pure for sale- To be honest I've really enjoyed this account, PKED so much. But I just don't have the time to play Runescape any more due to going to college and starting driving. This pure was originally a F2P only, but I got bored & I was going to quest it ready for members PKIng but I just don't have the time. The quests done are Cooks Assistant, Unstable Foundations & Death Plateau. I'm mainly looking for Paypal- but if you have only RSGP, that is no problem. Post your + OFFER or you will be ignored A/W- 45$ Bid: 45$/90m[$15] 25 Def Pure | Fire Cape! | Level 75I know I don't have any trust on this website, but I kind of want this account gone by the weekend. I've had this thing for a long time, and I'll feel free to change the e-mail recovery for you. Add me on : [email protected] Thanks, jetsfoolDds pure for sale! 93 str 60 att 1 def 82 mage 99 hunt!This account also has around 500k wealth on it in members items. This account has both recoveries and a registered email, this email can be changed easily and safely upon purchase. The recoveries will also be handed over as I have them written down. I will not sell the account without an OMM or if the person is very trusted then that is fine but every step of the selling will be recorded and if any attempt to scam is made then it will be reported straight away. Upon purchase the account's password will be given over along with all the details of original account creation including 3 passwords, email, last 4 digits of card, card type and location. Pm me via sythe for info, or pm me on sythe to tell me to come on if interested. Highest bidder wins [RSGP]![RSGP] Lvl 90 Extremes | Chaotics | Rigour | Voids | 99 Dung & ranged, 96 mageStarting bid: 150m Current bid: 0m A/W: 200m 99 Ranged 99 Dungeoneering 96 Magic 74 Prayer & Rigour 87 Herblore [Extreme ranged, strength and attack. 5k special restores in bank.] Chaotic crossbow Chaotic staff Arcane stream necklace Fire cape Dscimmy & dds requirements done Handcannon Ranged & Magic void 90 Combat We will use an OMM, or you go first. All info about the account will be given to the buyer, naturally. I'm the first and only owner of this account. Basicly, this account has it all for it's type. I will trade only for rsgp. Account has no active blackmarks, but has two mutes in history. Willing to show anything ingame. Either you go first or we use an OMM. Max hits; 600's handcannon, 360's msb, nonspec +500's with crossbow. Account has still some days of member left, so I'm willing to show what the account can do for serious buyers. . Contact: [email protected]
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