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    Selling ZERKER PURE [99 MAGE] [91 RANGE] [89 STR]Please Can Somebody Close ThisBuying Pure!Hey guys I'm looking for a pure today. I would like it to at least have addy gloves. Must have dt doen and mm. Def must be lower than 5 pref 1 or 2. Stats arent too big i would like them to be lower because I am turning it into a turmoil pure. I will be using paypal. The account must pass through a mm recovery test or no deal, finally i will not be going first.Selling Lvl 73 Starter Staker!! Prophecy's Account ShopProphecy's Account Shop selling this starter staker. however intrested in different accounts by me? go to link bellow image Current Bid: N/A AutoWin: None Set BID AWAY you go first, or we use an mm trusted by both Also If intrested for More Accounts go to Prophecy2012's Account Sales:sythe/showthread.php?t=1246906selling nice rune pure 92+7 99 range 99 magic 92 hp 88 str 75 attk 40def f cape torsoI Am only looking for about 10-25m for this account as i never use it, it is still members and has fire cape and torso and fighter helm. if interested send me a message.Starting account.Good starting account. No bans or offenses. Start at 5M. AutoWin will be 10m? PM me for an offer or post here. Not a very high level, but a good starting account. -EDIT- I just realized that this is in the wrong section, I'll repost it in the right one.Level 79, 1 99, high skillsbids aloud, highest offer in a week or 2 wins, 15 mill buy RIGHT NOW. lowest bid 2.5m. RS-GP only. put in your if you would like to discuss the prices. will do account swap if proof of the account in your possession is shown, if you scam, you will be reported. A/W is 7,500,000/ 7.5m[PAYPAL] Selling Zerker! [PAYPAL]Hey guys, here's a brief description of this zerker and what will be provided. This account is a good pker, low magic and range but it's going to be sold for a decent amount. It has 99 strength 70 attack and 45 defense. 53 Quest points, has all books from horror from the deep, ie. Saradomin, Zamorak, Guthix, and another one I'm not sure of, I forgot. I will be providing FULL details on the account, recovery questions, all previous passwords, previous email (if needed) Internet service provider, when I moved, and billing info. If interested, please contact me via , [email protected] I will go first I WILL BE ACCEPTING PAYPAL ONLY screensnapr/v/z2bKu5.jpg screensnapr/v/8kLZ2h.jpg screensnapr/v/4qGRiv.jpg screensnapr/v/uDoOZN.jpg screensnapr/v/WZb3UO.jpgselling lvl 75 pureis the rsn. will be using an mmi which i wont pay for. thx bi
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