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    30 Defence GS Pure [3 99s 20m]Hey sythe. i'm here to sell my pure. He's 30 defence, but can easily be quested to 40 or 45 for a good rune pure. He has 3 99s, magic, hunter, and fletching. 10m cash, plus a BGS and about 5m in G.E. aswell as some items in bank. I'm only accepting paypal, and will include recoveries and all other info. I have no autowin, bids only please. Here are some pictures:Low deffense possible initiate/mystic pureHey guys today i have a pure gone wrong! I went and got 7 deffense on this guy and now i don't want it. This guy has 99 wc 99 fletch 82 mining 82 fishing Im looking for any offers. Let em come Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP] buying 1 def pure! [RSGP]I'm buying a 1 def pure with 99 str, 94+ mage, 90+ range 60- attack, fully quested! add my [email protected] or post your hereSelling several accounts! All under $10Account Sale! Hi Sythe Users! I'm selling several RuneScape accounts for dirt cheap. Basically, I've had these accounts for awhile, and I never use them. I want to buy Riot Points (League of Legends), which is the primary reason I'm selling these. Account One -This account was created by me, and is a decent starter main. It comes with all of the items seen in the picture -Price is set to $8.00/15m RSGP Account Two -This account was created by me. It is a nice starter tank/rune pure, and comes with all of the items seen in the picture. -Price is set to $2.50/5m RSGP Account Three -This account was created by me. It is an initiate pure with a good amount of quests done, including, but not limited to: Dwarf Cannon, Monkey Madness, Desert Treasure, Lost City, Elemental Workshop I and II, Haunted Mine, and Natures Spirit. -Price is set to $6.50/12m RSGP Account Four -This account was also created by me. It is a nice starter pure, and could also be used as a Sorc. Garden bot. -Price is set to $5/10m RSGP If you buy all of the accounts, the price will be $17.50/35m for the lot. The prices listed above are set prices, and will not be changed for any reason. My vouches are displayed below, and the original thread can be found HERE. Current Vouches: 7 Quote: Originally Posted by Stacy444 Vouch for Get Owned, bought 35M from me in PP Quote: Originally Posted by Snow Patrol Huge Vouch for Get Owned Bought 1000M (1 Billion) RSGP from him in a smooth and hassle-free transaction, thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Snow Patrol Vouch for Get Owned Sold him 150m RSGP and it was quick and painless. Very quick learner and a great buyer, thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by lime soda Vouch for Get Owned, sold me a cheap pin and some gold Quote: Originally Posted by Stacy444 Vouch for Get Owned again, sold him 60M! Quote: Originally Posted by airforceducky VOUCHE FOR GET OWNED BOUGHT HIS NICE 20DEF PURE FOR 9M THANKS FOR THE TRADE MATE HE WENT FIRST EVERYTHING TURND OUT GREATE! airforceducky Quote: Originally Posted by STAUNCH_POWER Vouch for Get Owned. Sold him legit & unused Minecraft Gift Code. He is legit, all went smooth. I will use a MM/OMM if you feel the need to. I'll also go first to anyone I deem trustworthy. Please post on this thread if you are interested. (Include the account(s) that you want) Contact Information: -: [email protected] -: PM me for it.(Quitting RS) Two Accounts (Cheap) 1 Skiller/Mage Pure & 1 MainHey all! I'm getting rid of two of my RuneScape accounts because I'm quitting. If you need any other pics/proof/etc please PM me or post here. There's NO prices on these accounts. I'll just see what I get for an offer. Thanks Account 1: Account 2:selling lvl 98 with 3 99s for a staker or rsgpHi my lvl 98 has 99 fletch 99 cooking 94 mage 93 wc and 85 smithing and more! ill sell it for rsgp, or swapit for a staker. pm me on sythe or add muffinbutton1 on if u want to buy.Maxed 1 Def Pure [Quitting]Hello sythe, I bought this near maxed 1 def pure from the trusted seller on sythe "I own you all" has 65+ Vouch's,ive had no problems with this account that his sold me and has always helped me with whatever I have needed, I bought this account off him for 140M~ and since then have got it 1-80 Dung, Quested mith gloves, gained HP levels and total level and it has around 83 zeals left over. No offers below 100M/$50 please, Has done most pure quests although havent bothered to get the reqs for addy gloves, so only has mith! Has only 6M wealth but pretty organised bank for pking F2p/P2p Pictures:Buying Pures (WILL USE OMM)Title , im intrested in pures with 50 attack and 94 magic low combat , with DT complete THANKS!
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