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    Selling 20 def pure *99 herblore/str/range/mage* 425M BankSelling a level 20 initiate pure. Notable Stats: 60 Attack 20 Defence 99 Strength 99 Ranged 99 Magic 99 Herblore ( lots of ovls,extreme pots, and spec restores in bank, costed me 350m+ ) 13 Prayer 79 Constitution 55 Slayer 70 Dungeoneering ( arcane stream neck in bank ) 1 Summoning Notable Quests / untradable Items : Desert Treasure-[Ancient Magicks] Rolving Elves-[Crystal Bow] Recipe for Disaster ( not completed )-[Rune Gloves] Elemental Workshop 1&2-[Mind Body] Mountain Daughter (not completed )-[Bearhead] Monkey Madness-[Dragon Scimitar] Dwarf Cannon-[Cannon] Animal Magnetism-[Ava's Accumulator] Horror From The Deep-[Full zammy, sara and guthix books] Arcane Stream Necklace Mithril / Black Defenders Crystal Bows *425m gold in bank *Only offence is a single mute for offensive language on december 6 2010 I'll get some pics up later, post offers. Paypal $ onlylvl 77 pure, 99 range, 86 str, 60 attack, 82 mage. dt+mm done and 1 month of memberslooking to sell to highest bidder. will only use a vmm unless you go first, you pay the fees. will change email when i find a buyer.S: Combat 81 | Total 1142 | Only been F2p | 5x85 | Mining 85 | Smith 85 | Dung 74 |Hey. I'm selling this great F2p Main. Email and recoverys are on, I'll remove them, when I have serious buyer. Thank you. Stats&Bank: A/W: 100m RSGP Start bidding @ 10$ or 30M RSGP .Cb 94 Rune Pure: 99 range/mage, 98 str, 75 attClose.[RSGP-PAYPAL] Selling a beastly 1 def pure with 99Str/Rng/80mage! [CB 71]Hey guys, I'm selling my old pking account which I don't use anymore. It's got some sick stats and has an average bank that comes with it free. We will be using paypal/rsgp and I'm not going first. Pm me if interested, and make sure to write your offers below! Thanks!Anyone interested in a maxed combat stats corrupt staker?I'm just posting this to see if there is any interest in these kinds of staker as my other few posts got no attention at all. If interest i will post the login and all that stuff, thanks.Cheap Account Shop!!Reposted!Trading RS Pure for Club PenguinHi, my name is Ian and I am interested in buying a club penguin account for my runescape one. The account must be rare, or even beta. I require these things off the trade: - E-Mail for the account (to prevent scamming) - Password and Username - Verification of my e-mail to parents email (So I can change passwords) This way the account is officially mine. I will offer these features to you - E-Mail for the account - Username and Password - Recovery Questions - Old passwords This way the account is YOURS. Here are some of the notable stats in my account: 95 Woodcutting 94 Magic (Great pure!) 70 Range Low attack, strength, and defense 69 Thieving 64 Construction (5M house with throne room and obuliette) And more stats! E-mail me at [email protected] or down below if you are interested. Remember beta or rares only!
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