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    [RSGP] Buying Specific Pkers/Stakers | Must be TRUSTED | ( 1 2)Requirements You must have atleast 10 vouches or be a donator to trade with me. NO EXCEPTIONS. What I am looking for. STAKING DDS 60 or 70 attack High strength 1-5 Def 1 Pray and summoning Lost city and Monkey madness must be complete. Range Pure High range 1-5 Def 1 Pray and Summoning The account must be range based. Boxer High attack Moderate strength High Def High hp 1 Pray and Summoning PKERS Gmaul 50 Attack 82 Magic and Ancients 1-5 Def Ability to wear climbing boots Mith or Addy gloves DDS/Claw 60 Attack 1-5 Def Monkey madness Ability to wear climbing boots Mith or Addy gloves If you and your account meet these requirements then post your here.[SWAPPING] Level 102, decent staker [99 str 85 attack]Swapping my level 102, it has 99 strength, 85 attack, 70 defense, 85 constitution, 69 craft too taking all offers. talk to me on for discussion [email protected] AMAZING GODSWORD PURE [RSGP/PP only]Heres my godsword pure, I ONLY accept RSGP and paypal, either you go first or OMM. The account has MM and DT done and also has mith gloves from RFD, if you would like me to verify i can also i have gotten 86 mage on it now. If you are interested pm me on sythe with your and/or post here, Thnx[RSGP][Paypal] Awesome Level 75 Initiate Pure [Paypal][RSGP][30+vouches]Hey Sythe!!, I am selling this awesome initiate pure as I don't Pk with it anymore. I am the original owner of this account. I will delete the recoveries (and provide old answers) & change email to yours, when I find a serious buyer. I will not go first unless I deem you trusted. I am open to OMM, but you will have to pay the fees. No autowin atm, just bid away Oh yea sorry forgot ot add, it has RoD done and rune gloves, its defense is all quested . DT is done too[PP][SWAP] Buying Good Pure or Main Account [Swap][PP]wrong section sorry , PAGE CLOSED[Paypal/RSGP] Selling inhi pure with rune glovesSelling this account for rsgp or paypal, The account has rune gloves and has overall decent stats. Yes i know the str and magic is low but i mean its easy to get up. Could be kept as a 20 def pure or could go zerker very easy due to the fact it already has alot of quest points and rune gloves. Bank Val: Like 200k ( I know its love you) : [email protected] Recovers: None Uploaded with ImageShack.usSwapping awsome starter pure [quested]Swapping starter pure- looking for a main with korasi but all offers looked at. Fully quested-everything besides rfd,has sara and guthix book. level 65 Great starter pure, awsome for hybriding bank has about 2m in all, 1m cash Looking at all offers, swaps or rsgpSelling Great Tanker 61 cb [99 Cook][Paypal or RSGP Only]Can You Please Lock Or Delete Thread
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