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    Selling cheap level 105 with 3 99's VERY CHEAPim running boners for prayer atm so dont have time for images. Add me on for more info not looking for much i just need mroe frost bones : [email protected][paypal] selling mainselling account. payment method + procedure : u will transfer cash to mm's paypal. then after mm will put that money on an account i will tell him. good skills includes: 90 combat (with summ) , 89 without summ. 72 mining. many skills are in mid 70s. some pics: p.s: these pics were taken from an rsps where i was trying to sell acc on. Rules: you will arrange mm + mm fees on u. mm should have a paypal (derp)99 Dung Void Pure! [99 dung, 99 rng, 99 mage, 85 herb]closed[Must see] 99 Dung. Zerker 90str 80att 45def 74pray rigour c maul rapier g2h ++Selling my awesome zerker. Will answer any questions so feel free to bid/post questions. Won't swap, RSGP only. No Paypal, sorry. A/W: 200m S/W: 50m Can use MM because I'm not very trusted yet. noteable items: -Chaotic Maul -Chaotic Rapier -Gravite 2h -Herbicide -Bonecrusher -Arcane Stream -Rune Defender -Full Melee Void -Ring of vigour -has the 'rigour' prayer unlocked -Comes without bank --> Pictures below Rigour: This account is property of Can proove ingame if neededcb 63 ...50 att 90 str 87 range 94 mage 14 pray 63 hp de done avas done.Hello, im selling pure str with ancients. I'll go first when you are MODERATOR/ADMIN or when you have 80+ feedback, we can use a MM or a VMM. i have my own rules, when you dont accept the rules then no deal! I give all information, like 1-3 passwords, i will change the email to buyers email. Price = 25m I accept RSGP. Pictures: 62 CB-87 range 90 str 63hp naw. Stats: Quests: Log in: Black marks: CONTACT ME: [email protected] or pm me IM TAKING RSGP!Buying Turmoil 30def! pure ppHey guys im looking for a turmoil pure. I'd prefere it to be a low level one and must have rune gloves dt mm and temple quest done. Turmoil doesnt have to be there but that will lower my offer. Account must pass thorugh a mm recovery test or i will not buy!!! I am looking to spend about $50 usd but if i find it worth whiel i may go a little more.Buying turmoil ppHey guys im looking to buy a turmoil account. Rune, zerker, or 30def I'd prefer 30def. Stats dont really matter as long as its got the ruen glvoes and turmoil.Paypal Onlylvl 76 pure, 99 range, 60 attack, 86 str, 82 mage. mm+dt donestats: 60 attack 86 strength 1 defence 99 range 82 mage 52 prayer 89 hitpoints about a month and a half of memb left, looking to sell asap. i will post pictures if requested, it has no email( but its pending) and no recov questions. vmm only.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.