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    Selling level 75 runescape account with 99 woodcutting!Hi, today i am selling my Level 75 runescape account, i made this account myself and can provide all information required, it has 99 woodcutting aswell as having 82 mining. It has members until 13th may. Pics below A/W $40 or 40 mill Rsgp! Will use an omm, but i do not pay fees. I also have pictures of me getting 99 wc, if anyone needs proof of ownership! Selling lvl 81 pure [60 att, 99 str, 99 ranged, 99 magic, 90 dung] RSGP/WUhi hi, missing some money from a new laptop for school and am going to sell this account for RSGP or irl money through Western Union. Willing to use an omm or really trusted mm Stats: Some of its bank: (Chaotic staff, gravite rapier, gravite 2h, and forgot to take out stream amulet) Also has about 135k dungeoneering tokens so its missing about 65k from another chaotic item. Has a fire cape. Has addy gloves but forgot to take them out of bank- Has got no offences: Accepting: RSGP/WU Basically, post your offers/questions here or write me in pmBEAST Level 88 Rune Pure |96 Strength 94 Mage| 1 SummoningInfo About The Account I am the original owner. I have all the previous recovery info which you will be given. It is NOT an email login. The account also has some member quests completed. The bank is cleaned. Info About Purchasing I Only accept Paypal or RSGP. NO SWAPS There is no AutoWin set. I'm fine with a MM or OMM.selling a must see lvl 95!!!!The Account now has 90 mage, 76 att, 77 str, 76 def, 51 prayer, 75 smithing, and 74 mining. it also has 70 thieving. and it has farming up! its combat lvl is 95 now too. 99 agility , woodcutting, firemaking, cooking, and fletching. Still only taking Rsgp so have fun bidding. pic of stats: Uploaded with ImageShack.usAmazing 44 Def Pure All Major Quest Finished! Also 87 CraftingALL MAJOR PURE QUESTS ARE FINISHED IM LOOKING FOR ANOTHER DECENT MAIN WITH ATLEAST 1 UNIQUE/MONEY MAKING 99 SKILL. WE EITHER GET A VERIFIED MM OR YOU GO FIRST, CHECK MY SIGNATURE FOR VOUCHER. : [email protected] STATS & BANK QUESTS FINISHED: DRAGON SLAYER, MONKEY MADNESS, DESERT TREASURE AND MORE! ALL IM LOOKING FOR IS: IM LOOKING FOR A GOOD BARROW PURE WHICH I CAN DOMINATE AT BARROW OR JUST GO TO SOUL WARS FOR ALONG TIME. a good rune pure with 87 crafting (cost more then 20mil) EMAIL & RECOVERIES: WILL TAKE EMAIL OFF SOON AS I FIND A GOOD TRADERLevel 97+1 99 str and 99 wcing.The account has no cash on it atm that's why I will be selling for rsgp (also Paypal is not verified.) Email me at: [email protected] or [email protected] These are my 2 only emails used for Runescape related things. Shoot me offers. tinypic/r/b7dmqd/7 tinypic/r/2yxpy0i/7 Update on fletch and attack and mage. attack 79. fletch 74. and mage 58. A/w is 35m. You go first.Free accGiving away my old account, I dont want to play anymore Its combat level 117 has 99 str 99 range 90 defence and other good skills first person to call me 302-559-6659 gets it,[RSGP][FTP] Selling a pure with 82 dung!!NB! *The combat level of this account is under 60. I also have thread in the correct section, but I think that when someone wants to buy a staker with 80+ dung, they will rather check here. If a moderator thinks that it's breaking the rules too much, he/she can close it.* Pictures: Login: Stats: Combat: Blackmarks: As you can see, 249K tokens. Also, no quests are done. There are endless opportunities with this account - You can make it into a F2P PKer and buy 6x G2Hs or whatever. You can also make it into a staker (prayer 1) and buy a rapier. There hasn't been any recovery questions and e-mail on the account EVER and it also has had only one password. Never been member. So the account would be secured for you. As a payment, I only accept (I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL): RSGP (A/W 80M) FTP (Full Tilt Poker) (A/W 45$) I only go first to VERY trusted members (I always ask a PM, so please, no scammers!), otherwise you go first. : [email protected]
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