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    Buing Acc (pure) $300 Paypal Me First Or I Get Mm.Hey guys I just turned 21. I work for Koodo and i earn about $180000 a year. If you dont know Koodo is a phone company. I just do the end. Where that lil guy says Koodo i produced music for it and i also produce music for albums sometimes. I have met Drake, worked with drake , I have met Lil wayne, Didn't get a chance to work with him. If you dont belive that lil drake thing me [email protected] i will get screenies. -.- __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________ Whatever i know most of you dont even care its just my stupid little story . The real thing is i took a month off from work and when i use to be young like 15 i use to play runescape. So yeah i loved pking back than hope i love it now. I heard lots has changed. I will buy a decent account (pure) or (good main) for $300. me also [email protected] to sell me acc.PURE/STAKER: SHOP rsgp> onlyaccount 1 whip pure/ staker with low pray hass mith gloves full queseted account2 another good g maul rusher. only lvl 67 with 87 str 330-330 + with maul spec account3 a beast staker. / rusher with its soul wars high str can hit 680+ with ags spec. offer on hear or add me on : [email protected][RSPG][Paypal] 1 Hour Auction!! Amazing account,97 CMB, 60 def 90 Strength, Quested++Hi, So yeah Im getting rid of my account for whatever amount of money people are willing to bid. Of course if it is too low i wont take it but for sure i am selling this for really cheap. This Auction Has 1 Hour Left Here are the pictures: Stats: Some Items: Player Details: - [email protected] Perfect Tank 98+5 (99 range, 94 mage)Hey guys, I'm selling this nearly maxed 70 def tank. It rapes in pvp, especially with veng combos . I'm looking for cash only, no trades. Payment method will be paypal (gifted). Post your here along with your offer. Auto win: $250 the bank the stats no email/recoverieslooking for a good pker paying rsgpthe title says it all im looking to buy a decent pking account im looking for 94- 99 mage 99str 60 attack 40 def 99 range and 40-80 prayer and muct have dt done pm me with account details and the amount in rsgp your asking.. and emptied bank please ...selling level 92 zerker pure 95 str 75 att ( 1 2)pics of my account i also have 96 str and 86 hp now hit me up with an offer aw25mil monkey madness is done along with, rune gloves from rfd, shilo village and others. i have 2 rune and 30 dragon defenders.selling a 99 cb with 99 range, 99 thieve, 85 mage, +30mI'm no longer interested in playing, so I'm selling my lvl 99. It has 279 qp, so all important quests are done (has barrows gloves, etc). 99 range, thieve and fletch, 90 cook, 85 magic and wc. I was a skiller for a long time, so the total level is 1689. I'll sell the account with 10m cash and 20m in items. If you're interested, contact my at [email protected][30+Vouches][RSGP/PP]Selling 67 Pure[Addys|DT]Here selling my pure - I am original owner, recovs and email will be removed once a buyer is found. Not too sure about selling this account as I kind of want to keep it but if I get a good offer I will let it go. Currently has no A/W. Starting bid: 50M
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