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    Buying quested $40 to spend on a quested zerker, Stats dont matter to me what i want on it is: Torso RFD ( at least rune/d gloves DT MM Lunar Post offers.Selling SICK Mage Staker [RSGP]A/W: 30m BID: 20m Need gold ASAP Go ahead and add my : [email protected] EDIT: Pics are a few days old, new stats - 76 HP - 48 RANGE Pics:[RSGP][TRAIN]Selling level 96 main[TRAIN][RSGP]It has no bank, No pin, and I can't seem to find how to delete recovs* so post offers and tell me how to get rid of em. Rsgp only please. Or in return for some serious training. * which arn'et known. You arrange for MM or If I think your trustworthy i'll go first, otherwise you will.[RSGP] Selling Range/Ddser with 90 Range, 85 Str, 85 Mage, 86 Fish, 80 Wc, 72 mining!I've made a new pure last week and decided to sell my old one while it still has member left. It has 85 mage for tb and does some sick combos with range-dds, I've pked claws twice and have gotten over 60m loot on this account. Stats/Quests: Login Screen: A/W: 18m Feel free to make an offerBuying a pure $80 PAYPALBuying a rs pure paying upto $80 paypal Looking for 60+ att 90+ str 1-20 def 52 prayer 94+ mage A decent bank would be good in which i would consider paying more for it, Main quests completed message me on here and we can speak via I will not go first but you can use your own method if you have one add me on [email protected][PayPal] Zerker pure 93 str MM;DT done ex-member The Last PuresMonkey Madness, Desert Treasure done.0 cash in bank Clean reputation, ex-member of The Last Pures Starting from $20 Edit: account without e-mail nickname Messenger: [email protected][PP/WU ONLY]Selling INSANE Turm Zerk - Quested 110% - 3 99's(RCStrHunt) + 5 90's!Hey guys. I've decided I need to get away from RS at this point in my life. I've been playing since I was 12 and I'm now almost a Sophomore in college. I just feel like I've been playing way to long, and should move on while I'm enjoying my life; I started drumming again, I have a girlfriend now and have for a while, I'm starting to play sports a lot more frequently. I just see no reason to play something I'm bored shitless of, and have been playing for 8 years. I want to move away. I'm even selling my 1300 dollar laptop, I just don't want to sit here anymore wasting my life away on a ******* game. I'm looking to dump this beast account for IRL cash only. I wont be taking PayPal (From most people) due to the high amount of charge backs associated with it. I'd honestly only prefer to take Western Union. There's no change of anyone ever charging back the money. I'd consider PayPal if your extremely trusted in my eyes, you have good rep, etc. No Credit Card funded bullshit - I'd honestly prefer PayPal funded only. Although WU is still by far my highest option to take, and will be a lot cheaper than PP. [EDIT] - A/w Has been dropped a lot. My A/w - Paypal (As I said it's going to be higher to weed out a few scammers) - 200 USD WU - 175 USD - I'm not paying any fee's (WU Fee's - I'll split OMM) ^ THERE Only auto wins. Feel free to make other offers. OMM's are fine - I'd still prefer to not pay the entire fee, I may split. IM NOT PAYING ANY WU FEE'S I would honestly NOT prefer a recovery test although I will if you want. Reason being every time I do, It gets locked (Lithuania Based IP for most of the accounts life). So if its okay I'd prefer to do it over TeamViewer, I can provide the OMM the info to use from my IP address. If that's okay, it would be a lot easier. Either way is fine though. 4/5 times it's been locked from an American IP. - [email protected] The account has the following: Barrow Gloves. DT - MM - Lunars - Curses (And Can use Turmoil). Avas - Climbers - It's basically completely quested besides Korasi's, Spirit shields and Hand Cannon. Korasi's can be done fairly easily. The account has no bank - 5M Max. RECOVERIES AND EMAIL ARE BEING REMOVED NOW. I have every little bit of information ever for this account. Proof of what I have. I can get more if needed as well - Also, the following stats are pretty big ones - Combat - 103 + 7 99 Strength 99 Runecrafting - Botted as of 3 weeks ago, no bans involving botting at all. 99 Hunter. Then the 5 99's - 94 Magic 97 Ranged 95 Prayer 93 Mining - I know its blacked out but It's a big skill, so I though I'd note it. 94 HP The account rapes PvP. It hits in the low 400's with whips with turm + supers, no Zerk rings or defenders. 350+'s with daggers. Pictures. Bank - Stats - Log in Screen - ^^THEY ARE BEING REMOVED. Offenses -Selling level 83 Pure with addy gloves for rsgpHey guys im here to sell my level 83 pure for some rsgp towards my zerker. right now my autowin is set at 30M My is [email protected] Pics : [/center] still selling
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