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    Great PKING Account! cb 75 pure! 99str! for sale!Hi guys so i basically decided to sell my ownage pure, since i logged in today and saw that my password was invalid. I was sharing it with my friend, and he turned out to be an asshole and decided to drop 150m/trade away to another account. So yes.. I cant be assed to make all that money back, but this is a great PKING account, and it has 40+ quest points, it HAS NOT DONE DESERT TREASURE, but.... all the requests for DT ARE DONE, YES!.. AND... i have all the information needed to recover the account and previous password & so as the email including recovery question answers.. This account has subscription.. so enjoy it while it lasts, i think 2 more months :] Better Win account faster to play in members with it, right ? Alright enough of the chit chat, and let me show you around. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NO AUTO WIN, SO PLEASE BID, and NO NOOBY OFFERS PLOX? I WORKED HARD.. THANK YOU HAPPY BIDDING!!!!!!!Selling 90Str/45Def Zerker Pure(RS GOLD)I currently have another pure that I wish to make my main but need quite a bit of money to get it jump started. I understand I'm new so I would love to (and will only) use a trusted member as a MM, and if your trusted I will go first. Completed many annoying quest (However not DT). He has up to addy gloves, and has addy defender. Starting Bid:10Mil Auto Win:15MilCB 74 - 99 Range - 99 Mage - 1 Defence - 68M Cash - Many Quests Completed! [PayPal]Here I have my PERFECT Hybrid/Melee pure, 0 defence xp, many quests completed, Adamant gloves, 500 duel arena kill hat, fire cape, 99 Mage, Range & Fletching and NO OFFENSES on the account. Album of account pictures: Make me sensible offers, any stupid offers will be IGNORED. I will not be going first, no matter what. If you're not willing to go first, we use OMM and YOU PAY FEES.Selling Epic Lv 92 Rapier Staker | 80 Att | 94 Str | 50 Def | 95 Hp | 1 Summ/Pray |: [email protected] Account DOES not have recoveries/email and has NEVER EVER EVER EVER had one. This account has a rapier and almost 2 sets of full statius/new vesta longsword. This account rapes at raper staking (most people this level use vls or whip) and rapes in armor stakes aswell. OMM will be gladly used as well as a recovery test. I only want Moneybookers/W.U but if you are trusted and can prove that you have a balance funded paypal, I might accept paypal from you. Account also has around 200m cash so I can add that in and you buy the account + Gp but you can just buy the account. The account I am looking for around $70, unless someone bids higher. pics:95 CB, 88 MAGE, 99 WC, 75 MELEE, BEAST![rsgp]Im Selling this account that I put tons ofwork into >.>, It's a great account with good potential, It's up for sell in RSGP so pm me DT FINISHED 88 - 99FM/95Mage - Members Till 08/08/2011Please Bid In RSGP, Or Payment Via Moneybookers Or Liberty Reserve. - All Recoverys And Email Will Be Given. A/W - 50mbuying best boxer or mage boxer 300$ or rsgpbuying the best ******* staker i can find. spending UP to 300 not spending 300 so idont want the first post saying 300... 300 is like maxxed staker... i am trusted we will use player autions or a mm, omm or u firstSelling Maxed Chaotic Pure *98 dung* rune gloves (20def) 102 quest points "overloads"dfgdgfgdfgd
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