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    [RSGP] Selling 1 Defence pure!Combat 75, 90 str, 94 mage! ( 1 2)Hey guys, I'm in the market for selling the following account. Starting Bid: 20m Auto Win: 75m For more info, contact [email protected], and we can dicuss it from their onwards.buying pure of trusted sythe userbuying pure of any trusted user!!! many thanks!!Buying Good Pure!!BUYING A PURE!! WILLING TO SPEND 35M ON A PURE! MAINLY LOOKING FOR A RANGE PURE TO BE HONEST!! WILL BE USING MM! MANY THANKS![pp Only] 76 Cb - Turmoil Pure W/ 30 Def [pp Only]Current Highest Bid : Quote: Originally Posted by theblindside18 100$ start you off I just finished Desert Treasure, I can take a new picture if I need to. There is no more Defence exp to get left from quests! You'll be 30 Def with turm. The account does come with all of the wealth. Has 95 Prayer banked. Has 94 Mage banked. Has 100m Wealth What else can be said?!Selling lvl 80 Void/Tank Ranger. Fully Quested. Will Go FirstSelling lvl 80 Void/Tank Ranger. Fully Quested. Will Go First Post offer [RSGP or PP]and [email protected] [RSGP] cb 91 94mage 85 str 82 attClose thread pls.Hand cannon/void pureHas all quests for cannon done, void etc Here is pic Offers?[RSGP/PP]Lvl 87+8 Pure Quested [Fire cape, slayhelm, zaniks etc][RSGP/PP] ( 1 2)Hey Sythe, I`m here to sell my long time Initiate pure. Recently gone to University and got a defence level or two, and have no motivation to play it at all. Selling for RSGP or irl monies via Paypal. Auto win: $60/70M OMM/Trusted MM will be used, or your more than welcome to go first. STATS: ACCOUNT STATUS: RECOVERIES: Accounts defence is quested to 20, mistakes to 22. Still great potential for a rune pure if you want though. The account also has a good variety of other non-transferable and quested items. 113QP Fire Cape Rune Gloves Zaniks Cbow Full RC robes/Tally staff Slayer Helmet Crystal Bow Full Zamorak God book DagonHai Robes Etc Get bidding. Done a few trades here now with a successful account sale already, dont hesitate to contact me with any queries over the account. With the account you will receive: 1st Password 2 other previous password Creation Date and Address Original IP As any other recovery details PM me for my Any questions, feel free to post or pm me
Thread Status:
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