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    Selling maxed 20 def with chaotic maul & Ovls.Hi guys selling my 20 def acc looking for rsgp only as my paypal doesnt work. Account is 80 att 99 str 99 range 99 mage 96hp 52 pray 83 dung 91 herblore. The account has chaotic maul rune gloves fire cape slayer helm and 22 overloads in the bank. OMM Will be used unless you wish to go first, here are some pictures. Any more questions feel free to drop me a pm or leave a comment .Level 75 - 99 range, 96 mage, 69 str, 1 def - Fully Quested - Unholy Book [RSGP]Hey all, looking to sell my pure. RSGP only and no swaps please. We will use a free MM or an OMM (you pay fees). The account has Animal Magnetism, DT, MM, RFD (addy gloves), and Horror from the Deep done. Plus it comes with an unholy book worth around 20m. All recovery information will be provided, such as date of creation, first passwords, location...etc. No recovs, no email, just looking for a smooth trade. We will use an MM or an OMM (you pay fees). A/W: 90m Current Bid: sold Stats/Bank: Quests: Login: Offences:SELLING Lvl 3. 80 Woodcutting Skiller.Deleted - Wrong Section[paypal][swaps] Amazing Maxed Addy Starter Turm Pure!! 270m!! Fire Cape ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)UPDATE: WILL SELL THE GOLD FOR .8$ A MIL MAINLY LOOKING FOR PAYPAL NOW AND WILL ACCEPT OFFERS IN THE 200s UPDATED STATS NOW HAS 95 PRAY AND ALL TURMOIL QUESTS DONE NO SWAPS NOW HAS SLAYER HELM MY NEW IS [email protected], MY OLD ONE WOULDNT ACEPPT FRIEND REQUESTS. ALSO, I WILL NOT MEET YOU INGAME TO VERIFY, I WILL ONLY VERIFY TO AN ADMIN OR MOD OR OMM. NO EXCEPTIONSHey guys Im selling my maxed starter turmoil pure with 270m, has a fire cape and has all requirements to get curse prayers only thing needed is the quest and curse of arrav and 41 summoning, has enough for that in bank. Has more than enough for turmoil. No recoveries or email and has around 25 days of membership left. I will not go first, buyer first or omm. Aceppting paypal or swaps. If you have any questions add my . I will be willing to sell the gold only if neededBUYING ACCOUNTS [Paypal]Buying the following: Level 3 zeal 1.5k + Low hp, high str obby mauler 90+ Mauler, below 65 cb. 80+ ranger 10 hp 99 herblore lvl 3 skiller All offers with paypal, Include pics thanks.[RSGP] Selling pro gmaul rusher! 94 str! 62 cb! Low HP! Quested![RSGP]What up sythe! looking to sell my Gmaul rusher in hopes i can get a good price and add to my funds for turmoil on my zerker. Account has almost all pure quest done besides DT/subquest for DT. Still has 1 prayer so you can turn it into a pro staker, or keep it how is it and drop level 63's like nothing with g maul. Not looking for any swaps or paypal, just rsgp! feel free to add my if you have any questions! [email protected] [email protected][SWAP] 4 Amazing Accounts for Range Tank or Zerker! [SWAP]I'm looking to trade off 4 of my Accounts for a good Turmoil Zerker or just a regular Berserker Pure. or a Range Tank! Ill take a Starter Zerker/Range Tank because I do enjoy working on accounts. But im tired of the ones I got and want something new I DO HAVE PLENTY OF WOW CD KEYS I CAN THROW IN IF YOU ARE A WOW PLAYER OR JUST WANT TO TRADE OFF THE KEYS YOURSELF FOR RSGP AND SOME VOUCHES *all four expansions together = 80-90M RSGP* Account 1: Stats: Quests: Items: Account 2: Stats: Quests: Account 3: Stats: Quests: Account 4: Items: Skills: Quests: Items:[RSGP]Selling Beast Hybrid![DT/MM/Addy Gloves/94 Mage]I'm here to sell my very good hybrid pure. I've spent a great deal of time on this account, but I've decided to let it go because I have no luck pking with pures. The only thing I will be accepting is RSGP, I will not go first unless you are trusted, we can use a MM no problem. I WILL ONLY SWAP IF YOU ARE EXTREMELY TRUSTED. Here are the pictures. This is basically it's whole bank. Quest list: one. two. three. four. You can add me on my : [email protected] POST BEFORE ADDING ME, THANKS.
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