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    [RSGP] - Level 67 1 Def Pure, 99 Hunter! - [40+ Vouches] ( 1 2)Hey, my account sale thread died, so decided to add this here. Link to vouches is in my sig if you want proof of how trustworthy I am Make me an offer, I will consider all Also got a 10HP pure with 98 Magic (1xp to 99) if anyone is interested. Thanksselling Turmoil Pure|40def|95pray|91dung|Dgloves|RSGP|Turmoil pure [Noticeable Stats and achievements - 97 strength. - 95 prayer - 91 dung - D gloves. - 94 magic. - Spirit shield. - FULLY QUESTED Rules + Pricing - I only accept Rsgp - Starting bid: 50m - Asking price: Unsure atm. - Im open to use a middle man. - Please post offer + . Pictures96 cb 79 atk 78 str 78 hp 71 mage 1 milcata407 look it up. selling it cheap selling it fast cousins old account and i dont need it he gave to me. 1 mil cash and u got him message me in game."i 5harp i" is my pure account. im on everyday usually after 330 pm eastern time usa. 79 atk 78 str 78 hp 71 mage 70 def 85 fletch 52 pray. good base to a barrows pure.Free/obo Level 93 Staker!Made this staker was gonna use it myself but decided not to 81 atk/str/def/hp 1 pray/summ Giving it away in a day to whoever asks first or the highest RSGP offer i get for it It is an email log in and u get the email account with it too i have all the info and ill give it to you during the sale aswell more then happy to do a recov test if we can find an omm to do it im not looking to give this accoutn away first, as when i do i have no way of getting it back once u have the info, so its either you first or OMM. Have done many acc sales on sythe and have vouches to support them, none of the accounts have i recovered. This is my business making and selling accounts please fill this in Offer (or first): You first or OMM: : Here are some pics: Cheers[RSGP] 86+5 Zerker Pure 80 Dung With C Maul / Barrage [RSGP]Hey guys! This is a really good account, some quests have been done, but a few more will need to be done to make this account even better. I dont really have the time or patience to quest anymore, going to concentrate on 99 dung on main (93 atm). Post offers here or PM me, Starting bid 5m Current Highest Offer : 25m[70+vouches] 99str, 82 mage Badass pure[RSGP]THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION, DO NOT BID LOW PRICES FOR POST COUNT. WILL BE REPORTED Selling this pure for 70m+ that is the lowest, so dont bid lower. Has recovery emails and one month but, we will change the email as the trade proceeds. I have 75+ vouches, click my sig. You will go first or You will pay for the OMM Thanks - Yo done SonSelling a badass boxer for RSGPSelling my beast boxer quiting staking and going to play pure.. managed to stake loads and sold it all for $$$.. 20M : [email protected] EDIT fox scammed my bank -.-now cleaned GG but still for sale was funning, lol won 30m hp difference pls_Selling Range Tank RSGP only!This is my first and probaly last post. I only joined this forums to sell accounts. .Appreciate My join date and post is suspicious. Middle man if we have to. .I WILL go first to trusted members only. .I do not play this account at all its neglected and could do with a few million for my pure. (reason for selling) .Ancients done .99 Range .Nearly full void .Great for pking. Account name: Ry Full Pictures:Having trouble uploading so whilst i do here is direct link to album
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