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    Aesiir's Account ShopRSGP ONLY! No account swaps I go first if you are trusted RSGP ONLY! Combat Level 37: A/W is 2M LOGIN: i53.tinypic/o7iooi.png Combat Level 51: A/W is 4M[SOLD] LOGIN: i56.tinypic/9k59ue.png Combat Level 61: A/W is 2M LOGIN: i53.tinypic/2ljguat.png Combat Level 64: A/W is 2M[SOLD] LOGIN: i55.tinypic/20ux53r.png Combat Level 66: A/W is 3M LOGIN: i53.tinypic/ip70wn.pngSelling Chaotic Rapier pureHey im selling this account for 40$. It will be through paypal. :) price is not firm. it has about 3m worth of items on it. Just post under and i will pm you. Has addy gloves, avas , d scim, the rapier itself, desert treasure , anything a pure needs. We will be using a Middle man unless you go first. The email is registered to it but i dont know how to take it off, am working on it.buying a gmauler with dt donemy is [email protected] i will be paying with rsgp i will pay depending on the stats up to 60m we will use a mm[RSGP] Level 69 | 94 Magic | Addy Gloves | 1 Defence ( 1 2 3)Hey im selling my lvl 69 pure for rsgp. Post offers below or message me at [email protected] We can use a vmm at your expense. SOLD!!! Bank + Stats: Recoveries + Email: I will NOT be going first under any circumstances.Look Here/i need some helplook herewell i just have recently been hacked of my main. and i do not have any other account to play on now. and i dont really wanna start over on runescape cause it would suck. IF anyone could give me an old account they dont use anymore. or just an account they dont want. then private message me the username and pass. Thanks, xxTRAVISxx(RSGP)(Paypal) Selling level 83 Zerker pure quested.Hello guys, im here to sell my old zerker pure that i dont use anymore. The autowin will be 100m or 70$ [email protected] is my . ToS: You will go first, or OMM You pay fees. Recovery check will happen if requested. Any offers below 10m will be reported as spam. Pictures: Stats: RFD gloves: Login:Selling Sick Pure, 68cb ( 1 2)Stats: 60 Attack 79 Strength 1 Defence 86 Ranged 52 prayer 93 Mage 67 Hitpoints Quests done: Horror from the deep Lost city Death Plaetau Animal Magnetism Monkey Madness Desert Treasure the grand tree dwarf cannon tree gnome village RFD [Mith Gloves] (also have 65 cooking so only 10 agi levels until u can get addy) Elemental Workshop I pretty much every quest a pure needs. Looking for serious offers, RSGP OR CASH.selling 1def gmaul pure [RSGP]Sold!
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