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    ♔♔♔Selling a Zerker Pure♔♔♔50m rsgpHey Guys! today im selling my berserker pure of which i have owned for some years now leveling and questing you might wonder wtf is this guy some kind of love you selling this account? but noi have decided to move on and play on my main and with the funds from this account it will help me level him! here are some FAQ's: will we get a vmm? Yes and at my expense :) do you acept any other form of payment: No sorry ): What is your :[email protected] So just message me on there and we can talk about pricesThank you so muchBuying pure for rare accountI won't give my email here cus of the many attempt scams of this account will occur. If your serious about buying this account pm and ill give you my email in pm. I will gladly verify this account to a trusted member+.. A omm will be used at your fee's. Form Please fill this out. : Offer: Link to vouches: Picturesbuying best boxer or mage boxer 300$ or rsgpbuying the best ******* staker i can find. spending UP to 300 not spending 300 so idont want the first post saying 300... 300 is like maxxed staker... i am trusted we will use player autions or a mm, omm or u firstSelling level 88 staker with rapierHello guys, I recently bought this account off a very trusted user (guru with 14+ vouches) mostly to try out the rapier because I wanted to see what chaotic to buy on my main. I am selling it now to see if I can make some money back. I will sell it for RSGP/PP no swaps. Any offer for a swap will be reported for spam unless it's a turmoil account from a trusted member (20+ vouches) well here are the pictures. I will delete/change recoveries and email when I find a serious buyer. I will not go first to anyone who doesn't have a Mod title or 1000+ posts (with some vouches too.) The account has 2 quest points, unstable foundations and rune mysteries. The bank is pretty much worthless besides the couple of things that come with the account. The rapier has 99% charge! Please post here before adding my . Please note in the stat/inv picture that the claws are lent. These will not come with the account.Selling BEAST love you MAINS/PURES!Hello everyone, I am going to be selling all of my runescape accounts. My /! : [email protected] : Lsmaxt99 DEF super rare name STAKER 90 combat!Hey I have become too busy with military duties to continue on sythe. I am selling a very rare named account one of the first to ever use runescape 2(while in beta testing) Since I could use the money and the account is now worthless to me I will sell for the first fair price I see, as well as the other accounts I am selling(see signature) This account has about 30m wealth(28m in gp) and will not sell separate must buy all together. The account has zero blackmarks and has never been muted/banned. Only accepting verified PP from trusted users.[RSGP/PP] Selling 90+9 10 def KORASI PURE[95DUNG]99 STR[NO ROLLBACK]Hello and welcome members of sythe, I'd like to sell my 90cb korasis/rapier "prod." I'm accepting rsgp or paypal. I started this account after getting to low defense pking in mid 90s on my last pure, and, got carried away on this one (damn chaotics), next thing you know, I'm back fighting 90's again. fml. sooo, without further blabbing lets check out the account? login- bank love you- rapier- korasi's- stats- quests- ban/mute bars- past offenses- [size=18pt] I have not yet set an autowin, so please leave bids here, those serious about buying it may -PM ME HERE -LEAVE THERE -LEAVE THERE [/size] I will not go first, unless you're positive feedback is off the chain.. always up to use an omm at customers expense! :pSelling 6 Great Accounts- Pures,Tanks,Stakers!add my and tell me who you are SEND A EMAIL, i check email everyday [email protected] Thanks lvl 72-- Cannon Pure! lvl 70-- Pure! (14 def) Get 20 def lvl 3-- Skiller lvl 65-- Boxer/Staker lvl 81-- Pure(33) Get Zerker-- HAS DT DONE.. lvl 80-- Tanker
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