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    [No recoverys, No email]Level 73 - 99 Mining, 95 Magic, MM+DT Done, Addy glovesPrice - 25$ ( Via Paypal ) My - [email protected] Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. I will go first only if you are very trusted 3. Last thing is that you can go first.[RSGP/$$] 85 Init. Pure - Quested, 99 strHello, I'm selling my init. pure. Please keep in mind I'm looking for either RSGP, or real life cash in the form of Visa Giftcards, WU, or possibly World of Warcraft CD-Keys (Must provide proof of purchase or not trading.) The account is fully quested, including: Desert Treasure Monkey Madness RFD up to Rune Initiate armor quests Nature's Spirit And much more. The account can come with up to 40m RSGP if paying with real money, but will be adjusted into the pricing at $.5/m. If paying with RSGP, the account will have everything in the pictures (Equipped gear), and approx. 500k in gear/potions/food. -- Unless I find you to be EXTREMELY trusted, we will used a suitable MM who will provide a RECOVERY TEST with my details. I don't plan on making people go first. If you're interested in my account, post here or PM me. For reference, my is [email protected] ,, but I'm hardly ever on that unless doing business.Lvl 72 Zerker For Sale!!!!Selling level 72 zerker pure! I have done lost city and has 52 quest points! The recoveries and email will be cancelled/ changed if you buy the account has close to the requirements for desert treasure to! THIS ACC CAN GET A VETEREN CAPE!!!!Please no pay pal! I do take swaps and rsgp/items much could I get for this?Level 97 combat Only like 2 mil net worth non members, probably 3 mil with members net worth. 119 QP, most basic quests done. I haven't played on this account in months and its been on and off before that. In fact, I haven't played runescape in a long time and I've never sold an account. How much do you think I could scrounge up if I were to sell it (United States Dollars)? Simple enough .LVL 93 ELITE VOID PURE |KORASI|rare name|99 hunter|98 strengthREQUEST A PM IF YOU WISH TO KNOW THE NAME MEMBERSHIP UNTIL SEPTEMBER 19th I've got a very nice void pure for sale with a rare name. The account is level 93+7. It comes with the full elite void set and magic longbow sighted. This account is great for Korasi sword rushing as it is such a low level with the sword and the 10% damage boost from the void makes a deadly combination. Perfect for Korasi prodding! Easily make cash with 99 hunter. All previous information will be given to the buyer upon purchase of the account or during the trade depending on how trusted the buyer is. OMM can be used as long as you pay fees. Should you have any questions or wish for me to confirm in game please post below or add my : [email protected] Happy bidding! I do not know how to remove email or recoveries (pretty sure it is impossible) However the email will be changed to yours and recovery answers will always be provided. Please take a moment to view my satisfied customers in my vouches thread below. Accepting RSGP/PP/SWAPS A/W? Noteable skills 99 Hunter 98 strength Noteable quests completed Void stares back Desert treasureSelling Chaotic ! [80 Dung] [Cheap]I currently have this awesome account for sale. There's no auto win so bid away. Login: Account:[RSGP] 94 Almost Maxed Zerker /w Venge, D Gloves. 92 Str 99 Mage 99 Range [RSGP]* * 94 CB Zerker Pure ** Have my main and pure so this account isn't needed by me. Venge, Dragon Gloves, 64 dungeoneering and almost maxed. I am the original owner of the account, nobody has ever been on it but me Account has never been banned, or even warned Account has never been botted Account is eligible for a name change I have every detail of all the recoveries so you may retrieve it if you forget/lose the details Looking for RSGP * * I will NOT go first unless you are a trusted member of this community, not by your own standards * * As i said, this account is heavily quested, 100% legit and amazing stats, sadly i have no further use for the account. Any serious offers PM me, as i not going first unless you are very trusted, RSGP p>
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