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    Selling Fully Quested low level Turmoil Pure ( 1 2 3)Selling My Low level turmoil pure because i would like to main pk some more. This account is fully quested, I will meet up in game w/ you to confirm all quests and such. I am the original owner of this account and will provide the buyer all the 1st information. -Rules Of Trade- I will not be going 1st. MM will be used by ur choice and pay. We can work out some type of 50/50 if needed. -Noticeable Quests- Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Rfd- Rune Gloves Temple of Senntisten Horror from the deep Ardy Cape reqs. -Noticeable Items- Firecape Ardy Cape Rune Gloves Please post here b4 you add my . [email protected] A/W - 250mwtb 20def or 30def pure rsgpHey guys im looking for a 20def or 30def pure for 18mill rsgp pretty much any stats (not really) but post away.Zerk for Sale [No Rcovs + Email ]Accounte for Sale; RSGP/PAYPAL Done all quests, (MM,Drag slay,Lunar,Desert treasure, Fremmy Trials) RSGP or PAYPAL ONLY! Any accounts offered will not even be looked at twice(swap/rsgp) Zerker (quested!) 87 CraftingALL MAJOR PURE QUESTS ARE FINISHED IM LOOKING FOR ANOTHER DECENT MAIN WITH ATLEAST 1 UNIQUE/MONEY MAKING 99 SKILL. WE EITHER GET A VERIFIED MM OR YOU GO FIRST, CHECK MY SIGNATURE FOR VOUCHER. : [email protected] STATS & BANK QUESTS FINISHED: DRAGON SLAYER, MONKEY MADNESS, DESERT TREASURE AND MORE! ALL IM LOOKING FOR IS: IM LOOKING FOR A GOOD BARROW PURE WHICH I CAN DOMINATE AT BARROW OR JUST GO TO SOUL WARS FOR ALONG TIME. A/W: 35MIL STARTING BID: 25MIL a good rune pure with 87 crafting (cost more then 20mil) EMAIL & RECOVERIES: WILL TAKE EMAIL OFF SOON AS I FIND A GOOD TRADER[Dk Sick Second Acc 4 Sale!] 99 Fletch/Fish,12 Pray,92 Rang,61 Sum,66 Cb, [Rsgp/Pp]SoollllldddddddddddSelling Staker with 90 Strength, 90 Hp , 1 Prayer.Info about the account - No recoveries - No email registered - No black marks - No bankpin - I will go first to trusted members else we use Omm. PicturesSelling Level 73 Pure.This is a 20 defence pure Login: Stats: Both Accounts come with no Email Registered, No Recoverys Set and have no black marks If you wish i can provide with blackmarks picsstarter turm account for swaphi guys i am getting alot of accounts to sell recently and im still looking for a low level barrage pure for this if your interested just hit me up in pm and we will go from there no rsgp accepted if u honestly want for rsgp ill take 10m lowest
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