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    [RSGP] lvl 80 d claw rusher 42 def [RSGP]Not Looking for to much just around 10-15m seeing as its not member 16 vouches [email protected] Cb RunePure 60atk|90str|93Range|94MageHas Rune Gloves, All Defence quested. Beast account to pk I know by experience -60Atk Tooo Sexy ;] -42 Def -90Str -94Mage -93Range -DT Done -Lunar's done -Void Quest- Bank - Stats - Email/Recoveries not set - Lowest offer I'll accept is 35m No Lowballers. You go first or you pay for omm. Add my is in signature.lvl 84 99 str 11 def 30m rsgp oboi1191.photobucket/albums/...oogersugar.jpg i need it gone by tonight!!!!!!! 20M!!!!! i need it gone tonightttttttt i can middle man at my expense as well pleaseeee buy ittttSelling level 60 G maul pure.So hey y'all.I have this account I ain't using anymore, it's a G mauler that I used to play with. So I'm selling this account for RSGP. Just so that I could have some more money on my tank. I have all the creation details, passwords, recovery questions etc, which I will give you. Now I would like to add that you can be Mother Teresa or Baby Jesus, I'm not going first under any circumstances. We will use an trusted MM or you can go first. Peace. Edit:Account trained 100% legit.[rsgp/swap]~72-84-46-34PRAY Zerker Pure-Potential Staker [rsgp/swap]Quick stat: 72-84-46-72-34PRAY!-61 UPDATED: 10mil AUTOWIN~~~~~~~~ ACCEPTABLE PAYMENT: RSGP(preffered) OR 1-20 Defence PURE (ONLY SWAPPING WITH TRUSTED PLAYERS) No autowin necessarily; im looking for bids, account goes to the highest bidder. Hey there, I Will start off by saying, I am ONLY selling to trusted people if your looking to swap accounts. Otherwise you will be going first. very fun account but no longer sees use. trying to sell to fund other accounts...Has most of the big necessary rune pure [def.]quests done such as MM, Fremnick Trials, etc.---LOW PRAY so may be of use as a staking account.--decent non combats for quest reqs. Account has no recovs, no email, no members: STATS: CONTACT ME ON HERE OR -__-_- [email protected] ONLY WILLING TO SWAP WITH THE TRUSTEdNeed 1 def starter pure | 80+ dung | 200k+ tokensHey Guys im just looking for a 1 def pure fairly decent starter pure with 80+ dung and 200k+ dung tokens Pm me on here for more info/ interests! Or id be more interested if any of these accounts would have less than 50 att but have decent mage and or have STREAM and or CHAOTIC STAFF!Buying 3 FDKers for $125 Today.I am looking to buy 3 FDKers today for $125. I need these accounts ready to rock. Also if the accounts are better or worth more i can make it happen. Add Me : Acypert1 Thanks, Chronic903.Selling Three AccountsI am selling three Accounts i am not looking to get any particular amount i am willing to sell as individuals or all as a package deal just post your offer or Private Message Me if you Pm me you will get a quicker response but both are fine Account #1= i204.photobucket/albums/b...000o0o0die.jpg i204.photobucket/albums/b...o0dieQuest.jpg i204.photobucket/albums/b...0o0dieBank.jpg Account #2= i204.photobucket/albums/b.Oddboy999.jpg i204.photobucket/albums/b...oy999Quest.jpg i204.photobucket/albums/b...boy999Bank.jpg Account #3= i204.photobucket/albums/b...01/25Life2.jpg i204.photobucket/albums/b...Life2Quest.jpg i204.photobucket/albums/b...5Life2Bank.jpg
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