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    Starter Gmaul PureOnly accepting Paypal/RSGP Hi and welcome to my thread, please take the time to read all of my thread before posting. Thank you. Today I have a starter GMaul account for sale, The account stats are very basic, but some of the quests are done that're required for Addy Gloves, DT etc.. Most of the pre-quest stats have been completed too.. Only other biggie to get is agility to 48. A/W 30M ( RSGP ) A/W $17 ( USD ) Items won't be on account. MY ONLY : [email protected]~~ Essence Accounts ~~ [20k]I am trying to get some vouches on the site here, so I decided that I am going to sell these essence accounts. They have the quest done and will be located in the varrock east bank. They are only 20k. Take advantage of this great deal while you have the chance. Post how many accounts you want below, and add my : [email protected] Thanks Alot.[SELLING] DDS RUSHER! cb 73 / RSGP/PayPal!removeSelling Level 31 Pure. Two 99'sI am now accepting RSGP aswell as PAYPAL The account does have recoveries, don't know how to delete any more. If you want to use OMM we can take half out of the price and you pay the rest. Recovery test can be paid for by you. Current best bid: 0 Email will be removed now, or can be changed to yours when we trade. Not botted on for around 5 months. Uploaded with Leave offers or questions here.Poll: g mualer 4 swaps onlyObby mualers only post offers below or links to your threadsrsgp{S}elling beast level 48 range gmauler (1)mage (1) defence (1) prayer (1) summonhello i know i'm new to but i'm looking to gain trust. i want to sell my gmauler for rsgp. I'm willing to go first to some people. If i deem you trustworthy. take a look at my account. my is [email protected] YOU MUST HAVE A ACCOUNT TO ADD ME.[Sale] Selling AWESOME G-Maul 1 Def Pure! CB 50 57 STR!Hey Guys Shaaaaun here and I'm Selling this awesome pure ive been working on for a While its CB 50 has a Fake email Not registered, No recovories and No-Blackmarks I'm Selling this to fund my Skiller A/W of only 4m! Add me on , PM me, or Just post on here if you have any Questions We can use a MM or OMM (If you pay Fees) if you want Only Accepting RSGP Stats Wealth BlackmarksiCb's Account StoreI will go first if you are trusted or use MM/OMM. This thread will be updated on a regular basis. Taking bids for all accounts in RSGP or MB All accounts are in green zone. Account #1 17 combat No email, no recs, membership until 01/10/2011, no a/w Account #2 68 combat No email, no recs, no membership, no a/w Account #3 65 combat comes with 1m gp Membership until 10/10/11 no a/w If you would like to purchase an account please post below and add my ~ [email protected]
Thread Status:
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