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    Selling lvl 3 skiller ~ [7x 99!]Hello I'm selling my skiller because I don't play on this account anymore There's no A/W set and I'm only going first with Highly trusted people. OMM at your costs. This account is 100% legit and not botted.selling level 3 with 70 dungeoneeringhere are pics: my is [email protected] I am willing to use a vmm/mm. upon purchasing this account you get the following: login details a .txt file containing info needed to recover the account(willing to do a recovery test only with a vmm)Selling Good skiller (96 fish)Is poor but u can make in 1 week more than 1 mil. I sell it for 10,00 or trade it for an 100+ account Send a message of place a comment if ur intrested.[RSGP] Level 3 with 95 smithing!Selling this account for rsgp. Will only use . Dont try add me with a imposter and so on. I only registered to sell my account. S/b: 10m a/w: something reasonable pictures: Please leave your only if you will use a .Lvl 3 Skiller - 5x99's including construction!Please take note that this account comes with every last bit of info for recoveries. Also, this account will be sold using since it does not require a Middle man and since I'm new it will allow you to trust me. _____________ ACCOUNT INFO --------------- This account is a level 3 skiller with FIVE skills that are 99. It has a little over two months of membership left, no infractions, and many other stats that are gaining towards 99. All info will be provided with this account including; email, recoveries, creation date, web service used to create, memberships, old passwords, and if needed a in game meeting. ____________ SCREENSHOTS -------------- Login: Levels: Skillcapes: Infractions: And again, this account will only be sold on, if you are interested just post here or add my , " [email protected] ". Starting Price $50 USD If multiple people are interested, I'll wait 1 hour for offers and best offer gets.Selling a few good accounts.RSGP or Account trades ( accounts have to be accounts under 40 hp, 1 def, and having high dung is a plus) Account 1 - possible AGS/chaotic pure ( rusher too ) ----------- Account 2 - Turmoil Pure ----------- Account 3 - Handcannon pure ----------- Account 4- Range tank, Done lunars. -------------- Account 1 bid: Account 2 bid: Account 3 bid: Account 4 bid:~ [30+ Credible Vouches] Selling Lvl 42 Range Pure Pker w/ Gear [RSGP/PayPal]Closed.[Paypal] C.vls pure account | 99Hunt , 78Str | 15$ / 30M RSGPHello, im selling my pure away cause i havent play rs for like 3-4months now, account is having 17m on it so price will be around 15$, i only accept paypal OR BF3 keycode / MW3 keycode. Account got no blackmarks, i can add pic if u want. Account is lvl 49. We can do recovery test with MM if u want. ://screensnapr/v/KR5l3G.png ://screensnapr/v/WfMFi0.png ://screensnapr/v/iYkJGQ.png If intrested add me on : [email protected] hacking . rs AW: 15$ / BF3 keycode / MW3 keycode / 30m rsgp
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