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    Looking for a good dds pure to buy or swap!!I have rsgp or a main cb lvl 99, or two other pures one rng/2her other is mauler or ranger. Let me knowwwLevels 3 with no trade limits. ( 1 2)mostly they got like 3 character names. got like 17-20 of em. anyone wanna buy?Selling a BEAST obby mauler, 95 strength, 70 range, Death Plat Done.SOLD![18CB] Selling NICE Skiller/Pure [60Def]Hey, I'm selling an 18CB with the following stats ( ones worth noting ): -99 Woodcutting -90 Firemaking -68 Mining -65 Thieving -60 Crafting -60 Defence -58 Fishing Images, although the current person interested hasn't contacted me.Low level/Starter Pures, all f2p based stats, 5 AccountsPay attention to bumps- Special offers will be posted! All Special offers end the second the following bump is posted, and they new offer is the one in that bump if any. First off, None of the account have or have ever had emails registered to them. One of the accounts has a email login however. One of the accounts has been a member, the rest have never been a member. Two have recoveries, the rest have never had recoveries. I am only posting pictures of stats for ease of viewing. Serious bidders can pm me and request for login page screens etc and I will take them and post to you. I will go first to those with 30+ Vouches, otherwise I will go first or we can use a free MM or OMM at your cost. Any test is welcome on any account. All accounts have no wealth unless otherwise stated. Cb Levels of all accounts is written in the message box. Payment is very preferable in RSGP, or if you have an account that matches the one I am searching for and wish to include any of these accounts as part of the trade, you are welcome to offer swaps. The Swaps have to fit my reqs found Here. : [email protected] Ok lets being with the accounts: #1 No Recoveries, No Email, Never been a member! Started Rune Pure A/w 5m #2 No Recoveries, No Email, Never been a member! Starter Rune Pure A/w 10m #3 No Recoveries, No Email, Never been a member! Mage pure 650k wealth in runes/arrows A/w 5m #4 No Email. R2h tank/Rune pure A/w 10m #5 No Email, Never been a member! Ermmm, f2p hybrid? A/w 5m All offers on accounts are welcome, you do not have to bid A/w. However, if i agree to sell at a price under a/w and then i recieve a higher bid before the transaction has began i will sell to the a/w bidder. I will not accept any offers over A/w. That may sounds odd i know but what i mean is that, if you bid A/w on any account you will get it unless you do not respond for x amount of time. If someone outbids you over a/w their bid will be ignored. Bid away[WTS] [RSGP] Cb 57 Starter Pure, Quested, DT, 82 Mage, 0 Def Exp, Mith Gloves [RSGP]I have sold the account. Please close this thread, I am going away on vaction just thought I'd let you know.Sellin beast!Uploaded with ImageShack.usany one wanna trade me a good skiller with 99s for a lvl 106?im looking for a good skiller acccount with some 99s must be low lvl as i wana keep it a skiller, the account has some good holiday items that are untradeable i want an account with prefabley 2+ 99's thanks, if intrested pm me .
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