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    Selling names 'Fullest' | 'Granting' | 'forehand'Selling the names above, post your below if your interested. they are all email logins, no recoveries or email, not ready for transfer. YOU ARE BUYING THE ACCOUNT! Names; Fullest Granting Forehand Kiester[7+ Vouches] Selling lvl 3 with 83 dung & 260k tokens! [Almost 84 dung!]Link > :///showthread.php?t=1188752[RSGP] Buying Obby MaulerLooking for an Obby Mauler with at least 60 or higher strength with 1 attack, defence and pray; With 50 runecrafting and 60 woodcutting willing to pay 20-25M. Please post screenshots of the Obby Mauler, stats, combat level, email/recoveries and the warn %.WTS lvl 3 with 74 mining. Quick and cheap!Looking for 5m...Mainly looking to sell this today.. It is f2p, its ready to mine. Has about 1.9k rune ess if you want to start RCing. - [email protected] pics - ://*PAYPAL*!Gravite 2H Pure!!!! (57 cmb hits 27s)*MUST SEE!!!* CHEAP!I WILL NOT GO FIRST!!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER!! SO DONT ASK!!! If you wont go first, then we will use an OMM at your expense, not mine!! This account is great for f2p pking, as it hits 26s+ and is only in the upper level 50s! MY IS : [email protected]!! I WILL TAKE PAYPAL CASH ONLY!! Uploaded with ImageShack.uspure mage dt donePure mage, Desert treasure finished, Saradomin Strike finished at mage arena. Combat lvl 40 Mage lvl 61 Attack lvl 30 Str lvl 32 I want 20m rsgp or you can offer, you go first or we use official MM at your cost. Password pin and recoveries given to MM before trade or you after trade. having an awful time uploading pic, email me and pics will be sent to you. [email protected] Obby Maulers 80+ Strength, 1 Attack.Willing to pay up to 20+M for obby maulers. You can take all the cash/items. What I prefer account with 80+ Strength, 1 defense, pray and attack.Buying Obby Mauler [RSGP] or [Swap]buying an obby mauler reply here with il add you or you can just add mine its in my sig il go first if you have a good amount of vouchs must have no recoveries set and unregistered email
Thread Status:
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