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    [rsgp] AccOUnts [rsgp][email protected] AW acc1: 40m acc2 40m acc3 20m acc4 10m I have a few accounts I am willing to trade. I am the original owner of each account. OMM you pay, trusted MM or you go first. All f2p items will be removed p2p items will be left on. account1 I do not know the original email i used for this account so if there is a way to remove it without knowing, notify me and I will account2 account3 account4 Working on removing recoveries. I think I had to many requests. Will notify when removed. I may have a few more accounts to add, depending on if I can remember their usernames. If there's anything else, let me knowbuying 1 def pure ( rsgp)Hey im lookin to buy a 1 def pure acc with dt and mith or addy gloves i have enough gp to buy a decent/good pure i wont go first unless your trusted. Post and add my [email protected] thanks hope to buy a pureSelling low attack pure with 88 dung. 1 Def/Pray/Sum, 430k Tokens!Relisting this badboy since the last winner bought another acc instead. Attack level is low enough to be a fully quested mauler without going over 50 attack. Account has never been members. I am the original owner. Nothing interesting in bank apart from Reindeer Hat, which means it will have Veteran's Cape by Christmas. Trained the account purely for selling. We will use a trusted or official MM. (My preferred MM is this guy) I have a 30m bid right now but am expecting more. 50m A/W. RSGP only.Buying summoning def tank must have good stats, insane offer!!!I am looking for a def summoning tank 70+def and around 50+ summoning, the reason i would like a summoning tank is because i would like to have fun in the wildy instead of playing serious on my rune pure, I am offering to swap my rune pure for a summoning tank, my acc has rune gloves (close to dragon) rune defender about 600k wealth, can wiled a hand cannon and the def is quested (40) Also has veng requirements just not the 94 mage and is ready to pk! Here are pics of my acc; Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Skiller [Level 3] (RSGP)Email login, no recoverys, email registered etc. Offer(buying) any account with 1 def & 80+ dung! (buying)Title says all .. Must be 1 def .. With 200k+ tokens or C maul I'm paying via ALERTPAY as I cannot use paypal ... Alertpay is pretty much the same thing. I'm not stupid I NEVER go first unless u have 50+ vouches Omm on ur cost or free trusted mm. Spending 20-30$ : [email protected] add me don't post ... If u can't add me for sum reason just pm me ur ..Selling Beast Obby Mauler/ Skiller! (RSGP) (33 Combat)Im going to be selling this awesome Obby Mauler that has great money making stats A/W: 15m If you would like you can get an MM or OMM but you will have to pay for it Interested? Add my ; [email protected][Buying] Really low level Str pures (baby pures) good offer!!Hey guys, i quit being a main, i almost have a korasi idfc tho, i wanna be with my friends and be little baby pure and multi pk etc... Acc im offering :// i want an account with 1-40atk 40-70str max. 1 of everything else if possible Skilling stats are acceptable Leave ur / in inbox or we can meet up PS IDC IF U DONT HAVE MONEY OR MEMBERSHIP.
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