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    Buying Skiller [RSGP]I'm buying a skiller that is level 3, and has to have a 99. Post below of what you got.Buying any account $5 paypal!Bought one Thanks![RSGP / PP] 99 mining (29.2m mining xp) [RSGP / PP]mods please delete, accidentally double postedSelling Rare Username / Display NameLooking to depart with the username 666. It's the real log on name, you can snag the display name or keep the account. Looking for 100M RSGP, can use a MM if you'd like. Can show proof if needed,Need runescape skillerAnyone got a level 3 skiller with 80+ mining or 90+ fishing they would be willing to trade for a Minecraft account. Note, you will get the email registered to the account and I will go first.Unrealistically low combat level DT done, GMaul-Blitzer(**~CHEAP~**)Combat level: 52 Lowest possible prayer (11) and defense (1) to complete Desert Treasure. This account is still in the progress of being trained, almost 50 atk, and will have higher str to make THE Best Maul rush/pker possible. Stats: There are no recovery questions and no registered email set: Desert Treasure completed: Auto win: 40m, Happy bidding.Pure Account Shop! *Desert Treasure* 1def!Account #1 Combat level: 56 An incredible Blitz-GMaul rusher that is maxed for its combat and incredibly low combat with the lowest possible defense (1) and prayer (11) for the completion of the quest Desert Treasure. Stats: There are no recovery questions or registered email on the account: Proof of quests: A/w is 40m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Account #2 Combat level: 63 Ridiculously high Constituiton makes this account a staking prodigy. You can either Dark Bow/Rune knife or DClaw/Dscim stake, as it has the stat requirement for both. An account made purely for the intent of selling to match ANY players game style preference. Stats: No registered email and no recovery questions set: A/w is 20m[Swap] Looking to swap my nearly maxed karosi pure for obby mauler!Hey guys! Trike here im willing to swap my nearly maxed pure for a nearly maxed/ maxed obby mauler (fully quested)! Stats: ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...rrent=pic2.png Email/Recovs: ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...rrent=pic1.png Wealth/Quest stoof: ://s1199.photobucket/albums/...rrent=pic3.png Message back ASAP! if interest + I go first. ive been scammed twice so far. -.-
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