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    [RSGP]Selling 82 Range 59CB[RSGP]Uploaded with All info will be giving before purchase. Post offers here : [email protected] Level 90 RS accountdeleted wrong section.[Buying] 100% F2P AccountHey, so I am looking for a 100% F2P account, either having combat or 3combat skiller. It must have at least 1 99(I don't care what skill). IF it's got combat, it must be 85+ combat. How I am paying for it: I'll be giving my level 127 account ( :///showthread.php?t=1260693) for it. I have one vouche, selling an account to someone already, we'll be using a middle man unless you choose to go first. The Middle man being used is 100% free and legit with over 500 vouches, ect. Please respond with accounts that you think I may be interested.Reasonable Range Pure Up For Grabs.70 Range 41 Strength 31 Attack 42 Defence Accepting RSGP only. Please Contact Me For Offers Or For Improvements. [email protected] -Xconee[RSGP] Gmaul rusher or a zeal mule acc [RSGP]Okay, so i am willing to buy a good gmaul rusher requirements would be: 1. 94str 2.94 mage 3. DT done 4. Low hp Or a zeal mule: 1. 3cmb 2. 2000-2200 zeals willing to pay 80m for zeal mule and 60m for gmaul rusher : [email protected] level 3 skiller [rsgp][trusted]buying a decent level 3 skiller i want it to have decent stats 1attk 1 str 1 def 1 range 1 prayer 1 mage 10hp is a MUST i dont know how much i can express that enough. lol. paying 10m! please contact me VIA or leave your contact infomation on here. thanks muchSelling Obby Mauler with 99 COOKING!SELLING MY OBBY MAULER WITH: 1 attack 60 strength 1 defence 49 hit points 40 range 1 prayer 1 magic 99 COOKING! RSGP ONLY! ASK FOR PICTURES!!Selling a Rune pure (if ur offer is good i will give u a str/def pure for free)Hey guys, so I wanted to sell off my rune pure, i guess its an ok account, i know it does fairly well in pking and duel arena, cause most accounts its level are pures, who cant hit through its defence, or regulars who dont have a decent enough str. The thing is the account is already registered to an email, and i have no idea how to cancel that, hence u can keep the email id also. Stats wise its pretty good Att- 40 Def- 40 Str- 58 Con- 50 Prayer- 34 Range- 41 Mage- 37 Dung- 26 Craft-34 Pictures of Dire Ownage- Login- Uploaded with Skills- Uploaded with Combat- Uploaded with Uploaded with Bank- Uploaded with Also with this account, i will be giving, free of charge, a str def pure. It has no recovery questions or email, it is 25 def and str,9 pray, 1 att, and 20 con. Ashen One-Free account- Login- Skills- Uploaded with Uploaded with So please inbox me here on if you are interested or if you want to make an offer. Ps. I will not go first unless it is someone with a significant number of vouches, or a mod. Payment in RSGP plz.. Also, when the deal is done, i'll send u the info on either ur inbox or any other email Cheers! Another small thing, in the title of the post, what i really mean is the str/def pure is included regardless, that is a mistake on my part =(
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