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    Buying level 3 skillerAt least 1 99, not cooking or fletching. Recovery test will be done. [email protected] You go first or MM, I may go first depending on how trusted you are.300+ Vouches/ 200$ Donator Selling level 3 skiller with 99 miningThis acc was made in october 2010, log in name without email, email is registered to me and will be switched when sold. Benefits to this acc: I'm the original owner, meaning that it will never be recovered under any circumstances. 1yr+ old account with user name log in 99 mining A/W: 200M Current Bid: 35M To contact me about this account add my [email protected] or my Jacob.s54 No offences on the account. happy bidding.Selling 56 PureHey everyone, this is a great starter pure. I only pk'd f2p, so it does not have quests done, and has 40 attk. The bank is roughly 1.5m and that will be on the account. Combat level is 56. Looking for IRL money, not RSGP. I'm open to bids, but please no low balling.Looking For Chaotic Maul Pure WtbI'm looking for a chaotic maul pure with 80attack already, idc about the str. MUST HAVE CHAOTIC MAUL and prefer 1 prayer no higher than 31 tho[RSGP] 10hp 99 mage 99 herb 10hp use to be famous w132 acc! [RSGP]Hello affect here, I have recently noticed I have no use for this account when all i do is PK on pure and I cant pk on this and do not have the time to make it a workable pure. The last time i botted on this account was over a year ago. it has 16m mage xp ardy cloak at 1 sum which you cant get any more. along with other notable items. This acc is some what famous in w132. Also i have 48 qps at 10hp. This accound has other notable skills other then 80 range 10hp 99 mare 99 herb such at 90 cooking and fletching and 85 mining. ://tinypic/view.php?pic=oanfoi&s=7 /tinypic/view.php?pic=21c8tav&s=7 /tinypic/view.php?pic=tarorp&s=7 /tinypic/view.php?pic=fne7on&s=7 /tinypic/view.php?pic=346x5sm&s=7 W [N/A]Buying a pure rusherBuying a pure rusher Must have no more than 13 prayer strictly 1 defence no recoveries/email Recovery test will also be done.Buying Any 1-70 def account with a rapier! [35m]Title explains it. If you have an account with 1-70 def and has 80+ dung with rapier, then i will gladly purchase. please aim me at [email protected] 35mSell summoning tank with membership ! @Hey guys ! I'm selling my sum tank ^^ [RSGP] Stats in screens ^^ I will not go first in any way what so ever ^^ I've been selling accs on other forums with succes It has charms in invent for 60 summoning ^^ Offers up ! p>
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