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    Swaping a Beast pure for a level 3 skiller!hey guys trike here and im willing to swap my pure for a level 3 skiller Stats, Login, Misc pure pics below Stats: :// login: :// Misc(good stuff)::// < --- its got a fcape now gl guysSelling starter f2p rc staff pure or obby maulerHi Looking to sell this account EDIT: Log-in screen as requested And a picture of the tokens (and another proof of stats basicly) No recovery questions ever, no registered e-mail ever. One password used which will be given. It has 4000 runecrafting tokens so you can nearly buy a runecrafting staff. Username log-in. Post an offer below or PM me or add me on . is in my signature.[Selling] 2 Accounts [RSGP]Both of these accounts are up for sale, there is no set price honestly, just trying to get whatever I can lol. Account #1. Account 2: [SOLD: To MyDogsBite][For Sale] 65 def/99 construction 19 combatHey guys, this has been my favorite account for a while now, mostly because it's only level 19 combat with 65 defence and looks beast with 3a or bandos (if you buy that for the account, it's pretty empty now). It has no membership, but is wearing it's untrimmed construction cape. It has 91 fletching as well. It's a great and fun account, and perfect if you want to continue to raise it's defence or turn it into a summoning tank. B Pictures are below: Contact me @ [email protected] or : GameExecutive if you are interested.Buying f2p pure for 25 dollars itune giftcardBuying a f2p pure for 25 dollars itune giftcard. I would like to see your stats, blackmarks, login, and combat level. I am hoping for stats like 40atk 60+ str and 60+ range. I will NOT be going first unless I deem you trustworthy. If you don't feel like going first, we can always count on a MM at YOUR expense. Thank you!Buying Starter Pure Account - 2m To SpendBUYING STARTER PURE ACCOUNT - 2M TO SPEND The title says it all. I have 2m to spend (I'm poor as hell I know) so I'm buying a starter pure. I would prefer that it has no range as I am trying to make it into a granite pure. Post images of the accounts you are offering for 2m. I will not go first as I do not want to get scammed if you want we can use a middle man. I will not accept the account if it has email registered or the the recovery questions are done. Anyway post images or pm me whatever. Merry Christmas guys and a happy New Year![Selling] Level 49 Range Pure:///showthread.php?t=1303243 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ To See Stats, CB Lvl, and Banmeter Looking for 15m!Spending 12.5M on a level 3 skiller | Trusted onlyLooking for a level 3 skiller for 12.5M, trusted members or decent amount of vouches.
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