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    New account just made[has members]a new account i just made and gave members it is lv 3 no skills leveled make me a offer. it is a member until 23/1/11 15m autowinBuying either an Obby pure or a str pure with 70 att.I recently got hacked on my main so im look for a pure in stead. i dont really want to buy a main because they simply cost to much. So i either want an obby pure or a str pure with at least 70 att. I say that cause i want to b a whip pure and plus i could us dclaws as spec wep. So plz message me with some accounts that are good but not to expensive. Thx!Smithing Skiller Cheap!Selling my smithing skiller 2m only. It has only level 46 smithing but hey! It can be a good start for u to train till 99. Just pm me on . NOTE: I am willing to go first for those who have at least 10 vouches or high post count. Screenshot:(S) 51cb G Mauler, has 82 magehi all here is my account ://i.imgur/bme9q.png Thanks, pm me or comment{RSGP/SwaP} Level 93 with 99 cooking & fletch.Hey guys, im getting bored of this account and i would like to get an new one. or a little bit more money :p id like somewhere around 10-20m. well anyways, this account is old. he has the TORSO, like 3m in the bank of mem items. uhmmm ... 99 cooking and fletching. 84 wc. OHHH, yeah sorry about no pictures, im new to this, idk how to upload pictures yet. but yeahh, if any of you guys are interested you can hit me up at [email protected] or you can pm. thanks and hope you guys enjoyed - Ps: i will not be going first only to trusted members. thankies And i can show if wanted[RSGP+Paypal]Selling a Obby Mauler[85 STR][RSGP+Paypal]Sold.G mauler for sale 82 mageHi all i have a g maul for sale for rsgp Here is it: ://i.imgur/bme9q.png DT is not yet finished though, i have 2/4 diamonds. Thanks pm me or commentWTB Str only account!I am looking for an account that has strength ONLY. not fussed about non combat skills, they will not affect the price. Looking for atleast 60 str, 1 att, 1 def, hp doesn't matter. Spending a max of 6M, just offer what you have.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.