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    Level 3 (Personal Account - Never Botted)Was a member for 1 month. alot of time wen't into this account especially with the dungeonering. Heres its stat's and name. Selling for RSGP. I will go first as im not trusted hereSelling/Swapping 99str 59cb ( 1 2 3)BACK FOR SALE UPDATED WITH DT DONE!!!!! A/W 75M IT'S ALSO 94 MAGE NOW! all info will be included in sale. NO SWAPS ANYMORE FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME! CURRENT OFFER: POST HERE BEFORE PMING! Uploaded with[WTB][RSGP] Good range/mage/str pker pure! [RSGP]As the title says i'm looking for a good ranger, mager, or str pure. prefer the skills to be 50+ (For some reason it sounds fun to PK as f2p again, so I prefer and f2p accont) Budget: 20m[ 70 Cb ] | 99 Str | 50 Att | 31 PrayHello, like title says, It is 50 atk, 99 str, 1 def 59 range 31 pray 49 mage, 73 hp 70 Combat an awesome acc, Got mith gloves and so on, A/W IS 70M. ONLY TAKING RSGP if u need to ask something, or want to buy it add my [email protected], acc has recs n email, dont know how 2 remove.. will give all info heres a pic of stats: :// A DEF pure with 60 pray and 96 miningcba to put picture up look up on high score 16u and if u dont beleive me willing to meet ingame a/w 40m[SWAP/RSGP] 2 great skilling accounts! 91 RC | 99 WC | 94 & 96 Fish | 94 Hunter |Got these 2 accounts. Taking RSGP or I wold be willing to swap these for a SKILLER! must be good though. Main: Completed Quests Include: -Animal Magnetism -Fremmenik Trials -Fremmenik Isles -Heroes' Quest -Horror From the Deep -Monkey Madness -Shilo Village Stats: Quests: Starter main / skiller Notable Items: -Ardy Cloak 2: ZMI runs, Farm patch tele -Ectophial Tele: Farm runs -Magic Secateurs: More herbs picked per patch -Omni Tiara -Lunar magiks and clothes at 75 cmbbuying low level pure (1 def=req)if it's 60 atk it must have monkey madness done...I'm mainly looking for a g mauler, any 1 def pure with 99 str or ranged/mage....basically any awesome pure that you're willing to sell feel free to add me on and we can negotiate a deal. Thanks, Bryan [email protected] (my account)Buying A Skiller!Hey guys, i want to buy a skiller, 2 99's is a must, any more would be great, 50+ rc aswell would be sweet, pm me or add me on ; [email protected] If you want to post here, feel free but i might be a little late replying
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