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    Buying 75+ def pure or 99-120 dung lv max 5[RSGP] Selling rolled back skiller/ex stakerJust selling this account as I have no use for it anymore and im in need of some rsgp.RSGP-BUYING (SKILLER,TANKpure,Obby Maulers,gmaulers)Whatsup guys the title is pretty clear im Paying rsgp for one of the following accounts. You must be able to show no recoveries or email. 1. A level 3 skiller with at least 2 80+ skills I prefer Woodcutting fishing or mining. 2. A tank pure with no other combat statts other than Defence,HP,and maybe summoning. 3. Obby mauler 80+ str 5 attk or less no other combat statts that ruin it. 4. A gmauler no more than 50 Attk At least 75 str And an accumulator Or at least some sort of quests that dont make it look completely botted.. There it is im offering RSGP for any of those accounts (If you are interested post here i am thinking of swapping or selling my pure my main my frost dragon botter and my range tank let me know if interested i will provide screen shots info or meet in game.)* Level 3 Skiller FOR SALE [PAYPAL ONLY] [OMM TRADE]Hi there, I have an account for sale. Pictures: No account swaps please. All spam will be reported. We will be using a OMM (You Pay Fee) I am not going first. Post offers below Recoveries, Email & others will be removed and proven after sold. Membership pin & date will be given also after sold. Any other questions, reply below. : [email protected] I made this thread quick & short just to get my point across. Thanks, Good luck.99Str---1def---LV61- No Recoveries/Email - Quested Attack - 45HP - Amazing Staker [Pk Ready] - Bank Roll of 3.5M/10M Items - Original Info I've had some fun on this account, but now I think it's time to sell it. I need money for my Turm Pure. Current Bid: 20M A/W: 100M : [email protected] LV 61 : [email protected][RSGP] 60 Att | 99 Str | 1 Def| PK READY [RSGP]Hello everyone. I made this account back in early 2011 and I had a little fun with it, but I'm ready to sell it. First things first I'm the Original Owner I have ALL the details There have never been any recoveries on this account, and the email has been activated No Bank Pin Approximately 3m worth of PK items on it Now the pictures! __________________________________________________ _________ Rules Only going first to trusted. You can go first or we can use a trusted MM or OMM. Autowin: 60m RSGP OR $35 Verified Paypal Bank funded. Thanks! EMAIL: [email protected][RSGP]Range/Gmauler w/Chatotic Crossbow/mercanarie's gloves![RSGP]Hello. Today im selling my beloved range pure. Has perfect potential. With 85 range,70 strength,73 hp,50 attack it couldnt be any more ready to pk with. a/w 100m. please add me on to discuss @ [email protected]~Selling ownage starter pure!~Hey selling this pure, figured i'd keep using my zerker instead of working for it all over again, leave your bids, all decent offers will be considered. Rsgp only please Thanks p>
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