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    [Donator 09' member] Selling Range 2H Pure [2m Bank] [1Def+1Pray] [No Recoveries]Sold for $20.00 via .[Rsgp] Selling Lv56 Gmauler [Rsgp] Great Pk Stats Super Cheap!!Selling this amazing Mauler for the highest A/W in RSGP, add my [email protected] PLEASE BID, YOU MIGHT WIN WITH JUST A COUPLE MIL.☺■♦§MaChao's Account Shop§♦■☺ΩRSGP/PayPal/PAΩ♂♂[Vouches] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)UPDATED!! My : [email protected] Account #1 Quote: SOLD! Account #2 Quote: SOLD Account #3 Quote: Account #4 Quote: SOLD Account #5 Quote: Account #6 Quote: Disclaimer: 1. I will not go first unless you are highly trusted. 2. I only take PP through MM's or trusted members. 3. I am willing to recov test but will not pay fee's 4. I will not pay any OMM fees if choose to use. 5. Once Recoveries and/or Email is set trade is final. 6. Enjoy the Account ^^.Selling Beast Obby Mauler/ Skiller! (RSGP) (34 Combat)UPDATE: 62 Str, 44Range, 52HP A/W= 10m>>> [swprods|runepures] Huge Account Sale Must See [rushers|tanks] W for any account and I am accepting RSGP at $0.4/m and will only accept PayPal from users I deem trusted enough. I WILL NOT GO FIRST TO ANYONE UNLESS THE MEMBER IS EXTREMELY TRUSTED. The buyer will go first with an OMM if they wish at their own expense! ALL information regarding the creation, etc of the account will be surrendered at the time of purchase! Bid away! AUTOWIN FOR ANY ACCOUNT IS 200M OR $100! Of course, I'm not expecting such high offers, that is only an autowin! Note: Most of these accounts have minimal quest points and many quests are not completed, but whatever I mention in the descriptions are in fact capable of being performed by the account. Basically, each account serves its own purpose and whatever purpose it is for can be fulfilled at the account's current state! CURRENT BIDS: Account 1: SOLD!!! Account 2: 15m / $6 by balling Account 3: SOLD!!! Account 4: SOLD!!! Account 5: 38m / $15 by iRay ACCOUNT 1: SOLD!!! ACCOUNT 2: AWESOME AGS OR CLAW TO AGS RUSHER Whether you prefer a Dragon Claw to AGS combo, only Dragon Claws, or only AGS, this account wrecks PvP within a matter of seconds! It has the ability to hit over 640 damage from the 4 Dragon Claw damage hits and over 670+ with the AGS special attack! Let's say some awesome account had 990 LP at level 72 combat. The claws usually hit over 500 damage with the special, bringing the opponent down to 490 LP. The opponent eats a shark, and his LP are back to 690. The AGS special hits usually hits 600+ on 1 defence, so the opponent's LP are now at 90. Most level 72s in PvP have around 800-850 LP, so any combo of AGS or Dragon Claw specials will almost always guarantee a 2 spec KO! Stats: Combat level: Wealth: Login: ACCOUNT 3: SOLD!!! ACCOUNT 4: SOLD!!! ACCOUNT 5: UNBELIEVABLE RUNE PURE First off, I would like to say that the answers to the recovery questions WILL be surrendered at the time of purchase. The questions are generic questions and the answers are also 'generic' answers of my choice. On to the account: It has been great PKing on this account both F2P and P2P, because it's fun to PK on it on both servers. Although it is not a maxed rune pure, it is pretty darn close, and it hits almost as high as 99 strength because it is only 2 strength levels away! This account has no limits. You can transform it into a zerker, main, or even get 80 attack and make it a chaotic pure! The options are endless! Stats: Combat level: Wealth: Login: Well, that's it for now. I will probably be adding more in the near future if sales go well. As stated before, I will surrender all information I can provide at the time of purchase. I will accept RSGP at $0.4/m and PayPal from users I deem trusted. I WILL NOT GO FIRST, as stated above, unless the member is EXTREMELY trusted. An OMM can be used at the buyer's expense! Thanks for reading and happy bidding!Spendin 40M on a pureSpending 40M on a Pure Im not gonna go for a 10- Posters (NewComers) And only for Trusted i buy we will USE MM ofc never without that So yh... Add me: [email protected] so i see wich of pure i like mostly Pure Strength I choose lvl 3s to with ZealsBuying 2 f2p str/puresHey Guys im looking for 2 f2p pures /w 40 attack and 60+ str ill max give 8m for bothBuying skiller with 99 miningMost i'm willing to offer is 30M.
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