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    [SWAP] 99 range/mage tank for a low lvlpure[SWAP]Refer to this thread, posted it in "other accounts" section by mistake. :///showthread.php?p=10099631#post10099631 Please post itt if interested. Trading it for a low lvl account because I don't really play much right now and it's easier to just get on and screw around with a pure every once in awhile.[CHEAP] Garbear's Obby Pure and Pure Shop! [RSGP/PA/PP]Special deal: I will sell all FIVE accounts for a total of 25M!!!! FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! That is technically saving 11M!!!! Hi, I have [atm] seven accounts to sell and they are all for cheap! They do have Recovery Q's with the exception of one because I was hacked recently so I wanted to ensure I maintained all of the accounts. If you are a serious buyer I WILL remove the Recovery Question's in about 5 minutes. I'm mostly looking for RSGP, although new, I consider myself trusted, if you do not, we can use an OMM or a trusted MM, I do not mind. PA if you have a sellers account and PP ONLY if I deem you trustworthy. Account 1 SOLD "Account 3" SOLD Account 4 Obby Pure with 58 STR Price: A/w 3.5m Account 5 Obby Pure with 59 STR Price: A/w 4m Account 6 Regular pure but with 64 Dung, Gravite 2H, 68 STR, 60+ Cooking Price: A/w 10m Account 7 Regular Pure - can be built into anything basically accumulating Prayer. Price: A/w 6m Account 10 Low attack, 64 STR, 53 Ranged and P2P until Mid-Feb. Price: A/w 10mMage pureIm selling this acc as I am no longer interested in it I am looking for RSGP only. Stats : Login : Ban / Mutes : Thanks for looking Snype Level 3 skiller - 75 Dung. [RSGP]Hello, Selling the account "Lucee" A/W - Current Bid - This is a skiller account, with multiple skills 30+ And it also has 75 Dungeoneering. Also has 130K Dungeoneering tokens to spend. The account's a fake email log-in. Contact me on: [email protected] For any other information.Level 33+7 Summ TankSold.99 STR, 13 PRAY, 48 CB obby mauler! ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)YO! selling my prized obby mauler . had some great fun on it but now i'm busy with other pures as 1 hitting people gets boring after a while ;P. PICS: Current Bid: 75m (without wealth) (By Saskiaa) A/w: 100m ONLY ACCEPTING RSGP!trading max 138 102 dung 99 herb for skillertrading a max 138 with good skills and great total for a lvl 3 skiller. tons of pots banked bunch of chaotics lots of task armors. skiller must have high total and lots of 90+, also no black marks and completly safe when i find trusted buyer i will give them the pass to the email registered to the acc as well as recov check also has about 100 of each yew and papya bankedSpending 50m on pure!1 def is a must. Unless Its amazing
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