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    Selling 2 Sorc. Garden Bot-Ready Accounts [RSGP/PayPal] ( 1 2)These accounts both are 100% Sorc. Garden Bot-Ready, with the necesarry quests done and items in the bank. Just need a good script and these accounts! Both accounts have roughly 70 Mining and 70 Thieving... Both accounts have fake emails, no recoveries and no registered emails... 2m/ea obo : [email protected] Thanks[+45 Vouches] 21/77/1 CVLS | 564 Zeal | 99 Mining [Guru '05] ( 1 2)Code: Offer (RSGP ONLY): Email: Questions:I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER Current Offer: 50m A/W = 80mselling 59 with fire cape and 99 wcaccount sold mod please close[RSGP/PayPal] Selling level 15 [99 Prayer, 99 Thieving, 99 Hunter and more 99s] ( 1 2)Selling the account below. Currently it has... • 99 Prayer • 99 Thieving (47.6M EXP & ranked in the top 300) • 99 Firemaking • 99 Hunter • 99 Woodcutting • Updated: 99 Cooking Ill go first if you have good feedback. If not, you first. If you dont want to go first, Im happy to use an OMM, but you pay fees. If nobodies interested, Ill find a gold site. Im accepting RSGP or PayPal only. A/W: $70.00 / 100MCustom Account Creation!(Takeing Ordors Cheap)Welcom To Julesrules11 Custom Account Creation Shop get that account of ur Dream Right here!! What I do: In this shop, I will create a runescape account to your liking. This process includes leveling your character up to certain levels and making some money on it if you want. You could even give me your current account, and I will level that/make money on that account.also i keeped u updated daily and provide u with full screen shots everyday witch will be posted. On a note: i can do legit but takes alot longer.or i can use bots witch will make it go alot faster to get Wat u want i only use rs bot bots Premiums only if i need bot i will get it. Uploaded with Order Format Desired email*: Desired username: Membership**Yes/No) Skills(and their levels): Money: Tokens: Zeals: Quests Others: Payment Options Rsgp: Psn:Credit Memberships 1/2/3 months Offers: I might like Contact Details :[email protected] :Julianjordoncourtney Mobile Number:Given if ordored and pmed me Phone Number: Same as above Announcements: free account Give away Weekly/Monthly To celebrate Opening/Also looking for Partners Give me pm well trusted onesSwapping a lv 30 league of legends account for any puresGreat starter account has the following: Notable Highlights - Made during closed beta - Limited edition UFO Corki Skin Is Ranked (1250+) Also ranked in season 1 (1300+) Over 1000 games won Champions- Alistar Ashe Cho gath Corki Evelyn Fiddlesticks Garen Graves Jax Kayle Lee Sin Master Yi Mordekaiser Nasus Nunu Pantheon Poppy Ryze Shaco Singed Soraka Tristana Trydamere Twisted Fate Twitch Udyr Urgot Veigar Warwick Xin Zhao Skins- Unchained Alistar Spectral Fiddlesticks Nightmare Chogath (Limited Edition) Hired Gun Graves Traditional Lee Sin Riot Girl Tristana (Limited Edition UFO Corki (extremely rare) Runes- Great for AD carries/ Tank dpsers/ Tanks/ Melee Casters Bunch of tier 1 but Tier 3s are Greater Mark of Alacrity X9 Greater Mark of Desolation X9 Greater Seal of Resilience X9 Greater Glyph of Clarity X9 Greater Glyph of Warding X9 Quintessence of the Speedy Specter X3 ( Rare) Greater Quintessence of Desolation X3 Greater Quintessence of Vitality X2 Greater Quintessence of Force X1 I know im new but i will go first only with trusted members PICS ://s1203.photobucket/albums/...olaccount2.jpg ://s1203.photobucket/albums/...olaccount1.jpgSelling F2P Rune / 1 Defence Pure PAYPALWARNING; I DO NOT GO FIRST Okay, i'm selling this 100% legitimate pure, its F2P and awesome for pking on. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] I will accept PayPal Payments only, if you wish to contact me about this account i can be found on until 10PM GMT. [email protected] This is NOT the PayPal address please consult me for the PayPal address. Thankyou.Zeal mule with 2000+ zeals Paying 60m for zeal mule with 2000+ zeals :[email protected]
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