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    Buying rune pure or account that can get veteran capei'll pay good for an account that has 1-40 def and can get veteran cape. even more if it can get rs classic.selling pure {rsgp}hey im selling my pure after a scammer got it 11 def and cleaned the bank. stats::// quests::// wont bother with anymore pics atm, if u want more just ask. has recoveries but im deleting those now, also has no email. a/w is 5m, probably wont get that so oh wellWorth How Much?Close thisKick love you level 51 pure with 86 firemaknig and 70 mining!Heya guys i just discovered this account and id like to sell. I know im new here and blah blah so i'm more than likely not going to be trusted so either we get an mm or you go first because i ain't going first been scaaamed waaaay to much for that anyway heres a screenie [/] Pm me with your and ill add you.[RSGP] Level 46 Obby Mauler With 91 Strength and a Two Character Name! [NO SWAPS]Hey, I'm Jipur and I'm here to sell my level 46 obby mauler. It has 91 strength, 65 hp, 1 mage, 1 range, 1 def, and 1 prayer. We will be using an MM or you can go first if you like. I will only accept RSGP(NO SWAPS OR TRADES). The account has a two character name, and no recovery questions/will change email to the person's email they desire when they buy the account. It also have membership until September 30th. It isn't an email as the login, it's just a name. Don't worry about me not putting up a bank picture because I will be taking all of the valuable items off the account when I find a serious buyer. If you have any other questions or concerns add my : [email protected] or PM me . Combat Level: Stats: Quests: Login Screen: Offense History: Will register email to the person's email when they buy the account. Or I can just get rid of it all together. If you need to see any other pictures, just post down below and let me know . Like I said before, if you have any questions, just post them below, PM me, or add my : [email protected] If you don't have I also have an AIM, but I do not like to use it . SOLD TO BLACKWOOD FOR THE A/W WHICH WAS 40M.Dung PureOffer, the account is still being trained at this moment, but here are the current statsSell: level 3 ~ 4 99's, 1k total ~ cheapThis is a great account it has gave me great memories for the past couple of years. But now its time to get serious with my life and get everything straighten out. I need to focus on school and not waste so much time on here. I am selling this account for RSGP, or Paypal i have a buyer for the gp right now. We can use a MM or OMM at your cost. I do not want to get scammed so you will be going first. The account has an email on it but will be changed to the buyer. Also has membership till November 24, 2011. PLEASE POST YOUR OFFERS. ALSO LEAVE TO CONTACT OR PM ME! Contact info: [email protected] Starting Price: 20m or 10$ A/W: 60m or 30$ Stats: Black Marks:Selling 2 level 79 Woodcutting accounts! [PP]I am selling 2 gold farming mules that I used on Yews. One is level 3 the other is level 6 (8 magic). The account details can be found below . 1st account (level 3): Skills: Wealth: 2nd account (level 6): Skills: Wealth: OTHER INFORMATION *Both accounts are F2P. *Both accounts are e-mail log-in and fairly new. $PRICES$ (compared to power leveling prices on UsFine 1-79 $30.29) *Level 3: $12.50 USD *Level 6: $10.00 USD *Bundle: Both for $15.00 USD Please offer (I will haggle lower if you would prefer so).
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