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    Selling 99 mage pure CHEAPSelling my 99 mage 10 hp with 83 craft and 65 rc for RSGP.Huge account salewrong section please close[Selling] Level 54 Gmaul pure w/ 67 thiev 65 farmLast thread was closed cause there was no bank pic, sorry bout that. -Starter g maul pure -approx 1m wealth -thieving @ sorceress garden nets about 2-2.5m / day Looking for paypal/rsgp. Thanks!buying obby maulerlooking to by an obby mauler please hit me up or pm please thanks alot. stats 1-5attk 60+str mems. please def 1 range dont matter prayer1-13 mage dont matterBuying lvl 3 Skiller'sI am looking to buy some lvl 3 skiller's with around 1-8 99s and please don't waist my time with love you skills like fire making! I can do that with my eyes closed. Paying extra for account with bunny ears o_O stats that I'm looking for are Rc farming slayer herblore summoning * will pay up to 500m for summon pure * construction or hp * I will wan't recovery test before paying you for your account *Buying 80 Dung PureBuying 1-2 accounts with 80 Dung. My Requirements! Must be 40 attack or under. Must either have 200k tokens or Chaotic Xbow. 1 Defence, 1 Prayer. These are my only requirements, anything else can be what it wants. Please post here with your prices, or PM / me. : [email protected][1k+ Zeal] Level 3 Zeal Pure [RSGP]Hi, I'm here today selling my level 3 with 1k+ zeals. 1k zeals can get you 90+ in any combat stat (except prayer). Upon purchase I will provide: All details necessary to recover the account in a .txt file. Unlimited unlocks in the event you cannot recover the account so long as it's in your possesion Other info: Has 1.1k zeal atm! A/W: 100m OMM is fine, your fee's. : [email protected] The log in is an email. The email is fake. Current offer is 50m by JasonBaby_.- Starter pure for sale - CHEAPI have a nice starter pure for sale. Cb level 46 - 40 Attack - 60 Strength - 1 Defence - 37 Range I WILL GO FIRST TO TRUSTED MEMBERS. AMOUNT OF POSTS DOES NOT COUNT. LOOKING FOR RSGP ONLY Leave a reply with your bid. I will give my to the highest bidder to finish the deal.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.