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    Buying skillerI am buying a skiller with at least one 99 skill or more. I am paying with rsgp pm me if interested in selling me an account or reply to this thread. Thanks.GF 7 Green MaskI got scammed 7 green mask! he went into my paypal and took the money back gf imma go kill myself his ingame name: Faded Enigma Please report himBuy DFS pureMust have 75+def and no other combat lvls. Leave a quote as well!Selling Starter 1 Def. Pure [45:46:1] ~ 50 Dung.Account Sold****level 57 Vesta/obby Pure In With 80 Range!!!!****-Got a level 57 with 20 attack, 77 strength, 80 range, 77 mage, 1 prayer, 1 defence, 74 cosntitution 55 dungeoneering, and items that have decent value like the berserker necklace. -I would prefer paypal as a payment method, but will also accept rsgp. ://tinypic/view.php?pic=205fpn7&s=7 ://tinypic/view.php?pic=686g7q&s=7 ://tinypic/view.php?pic=2e3oe44&s=7 THANKS!Agile Pure [82Mage][60 QP][4 LETTER NAME][MUST LOOK][CHEAP]5 Mil a/w for this starter agile pure. has a 4 letter name no bank/black marks i have all info and will be provided to buyer. we can use mm/omm at your expense. - [email protected] vouches in sig. ty and happy bidding p.s price is negotiable Uploaded with[RSGP] Selling 99 Mage || 10 HP PuresAll offers will be taken into consideration Not looking for too much. Bid whatever you like. 99 Mage 10 HP Pure All accounts were made with short, fake emails. (e.g [email protected]) All accounts are free-to-play characters . 0 XP in all combat stats besides magic No blackmarks Account comes with precise creation details Example Code: Login: [email protected] Password: twizzlers Passwords 1) wonkanerds 2) sourpatchkids 3) jolyrancher 4) skittles 5) twizzlers ISP: Windstream IP: Country: United States State: California Created: 3:33 PM 1/2/2003 Eastern timeInformation given is fully capable of passing recovery test. I rather you go first, but if you wish to use a MM, that's perfectly fine Stats Login Autowin: 30 MillBuying Fishing AccountsI'd like fishing accounts with 81+ fishing. Really, I don't want other stats, as I'm only going to use it for fishing, but I'll take them even if they have 2 def or something by accident.
Thread Status:
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