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    10HP mage pure 55mage!29cmb all stats1! JUST 1USD!Hello im selling good pure . 55mage 10hp. other stats all 1. acc just 1usd becouse i need one usd for lol. : [email protected]★[RSGP/Paypal] TheHacker's Account Shop | Pure's | Starters | Skillers [RSGP/Paypal]★Welcome the TheHacker's Account Sales Thread. ____________________________________________ Account #1 - Obby Mauler - LOW hp, used soalwars - very good at pking - Comes with all members items Login: Bank: Stats: ____________________________________________ Account #2 - Skiller - Golden hammer AND broomstick - Holiday event items Stats: Bank (included with account) ____________________________________________ Account #3 - Skiller - Comes with all member and holiday items Login: Stats: Bank: Player: ____________________________________________ Account #4 - 10hp Mage Pure - Comes with cash and essence if wanted Bank: Stats: ____________________________________________ Account #5 - Defense Pure Stats: Wealth: Want to make a bid? Either comment or PM me. Please note: Unless shown, account has NO email, recoveries etc. Account's come without GP unless specified. Banks ARE included.Buying lvl 3-20 with ONLY 65 thievingThe acc must be from 3-20 combat lvl & MUST HAVE 65 THIEVING we will discuss about the price on : [email protected]♥[RSGP] Selling lvl 3 Skiller | 99 Agility + 99 Woodcutting [RSGP]♥ ( 1 2)SOLD! Hello Everyone! ^-^~ I am fairly new to , so I have no vouches. Anyways, I'm here today to sell you an account. The account is a lvl 3 skiller. It has 99 Agility, 99 Woodcutting, 63 Dung, & 26 Slayer. I WILL NOT GO FIRST UNLESS YOU HAVE 50+ VOUCHES Either you go first, or we use an OMM/MM (Fees on you) The account comes with: • Full ringmaster set, including "Mega-Phonus" (Circus) • Full Audience set, including "Giant's Hand" (Circus) • 2 Sets of Agility & Woodcutting capes+hood. • Agile L • 2 Spirit Seeds • Raven Egg • 3 Guthix Raptor eggs. • 3 Saradomin Owl eggs. • 1 Zamorak Hawk eggs. • ALL random event costumes. • I am the original owner of this account • The account is an E-mail login. Pictures of account ______________________________________________ I am accepting payments of only RSGP (Runescape Gold Pieces) Post offers below or PM me. [: (Or contact me on | Name: [email protected]) ______________________________________________ A/W: 100m Current Bid: 50m (From: thieft)Almost Maxed Pure !! 90 Dung, Chaotic Rapier And Maul!! Must See !!!HELLO ! IM SELLING MY AMAZING PURE BECAUSE I HAVE A MAXED TURMOIL PURE AND I DONT EVEN HAVE TURMOIL! L0L I NEED SOME RSGP TO FINALLY GET ME 95 PRAYER, AND I DONT PLAY ON THIS ACCOUNT ANYMORE, HERE ARE SOME PICS OF WHAT YOU WILL BE BIDDING ON!! THE ACCOUNT HAS 90 DUNG, CHAOTIC RAPIER, CHAOTIC MAUL, AND ALMOST MAXED ! ALL IT NEEDS IS 99 MAGE (EASY) AND 99 HP! (97 ALREADY) I WILL NOT BE GOING 1ST SO DONT EVEN BOTHER ASKING ME, PLEASE, POST UR DIRTY LITTLE COMMENTS AND HAPPY BIDDING! ADD MY TO ALK FURTHER, THE ACCOUNT MUST GO!!Mage PureHello, I am SElling my mage pure for 10M Currently 10hp 80+magic level 42+ w/ a Some what cool name any questions please contact me I will not go first and middle man will only be needed apon request Prices and levels are subject to change however hp will stay at 10[RSGP/PP] Selling Starter 1 Def Pure | 53 ATT/58STR/56RANGE/70MAGE/44PRAY | DT DONE!Sup , selling this nice starter 1 def pure, as it says in the title it has 53 att, 58 str, 56 range, 70 mage and 44 prayer. The account has also completed Desert Treasure. I will under no circumstances be going first, you will either be going first or we will use an OMM (you pay fees.) Make an offer, I'll accept PP or RSGP. No A/W as of yet. PM me if you have any questions. Login: (Recovs currently being changed as I forgot the old ones, they will be changed by the time this account is sold and I will provide you with the txt document containing every single piece of info. Bank+Stats: QP:[RSGP]Selling 2h/range starting pure, login name[RSGP]Hey guys, Well since I tried to do some f2p pking and I failed... Not for me... I want to sell my pure, it's only a start but better than lvl 3. And the login is the acc name. Acount info Acc name: Frozen Fax CMB: 46 Current bid leading: 4m Pictures *Notice* I will not go first on a trade even tho I don't have vouches, but you may use a OMM on your cost to make the trade. THIS ACCOUNT CAN BE YOURS IF YOU BID MORE THEN 4M, BEFORE THE 1ST BIDDER ANSWERS (If he answers)
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