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    [RSGP]Selling F2p Skiller 550+ Total[RareName]Hey guys welcome and thanks for checking out my summer long project it has been hand trained from ground level head of its own clan *Organized Skillers* approx. 15-20 people online in the Clan Chat daily. bank is completely wyped username log in no recovs no bank pin no registered email OMM will be used at your expense. AW: 50m rsgp Uploaded with Uploaded with[RSGP] Selling F2p Tank Ranger [20M AW]Uploaded with Offer away, thanks! Min bid: 5m. Uploaded with[/Epic Range 2H Pure! (RSGP) (PayPal)This is a range 2/h pure Ive been working on, I need some spare cash for my divine on a main, so here he is ;P We can use an omm or I will go First if you are . Look in my vouches if you think im a scammer. Epic kills in wildy, great pker, has the major quests out of the way, he is used a f2p but currently has membership until the 14th. He will be a legend one day, Hes 75% of the way there, who can take him the rest of the way? Happy bidding[;Selling Gmaul pure Combat- 54Hello, Im selling a level 54 with 50 attack, 74 strength, 20 range, and 56 hp. Has some pking gear and cash. Willing to go first to 50 + Vouches. Accepting: Paypal, RSGP, accounts, or gift cards. : [email protected] attack pure.Must be 60 attack (duh) 80+ str 80+ range 90+ mage 13-52pray attack must be quested. Just post links to your thread or pm me if i'm interested i'll get back to you.[Buying] Holiday Event Item CollectorsHey guys, I just want to start a nice holiday event item collector. I would preferebly like an acc with any of the items: hats and scarves, yoyo or rubber chicken and other old ones like this. Please don't post really high level accounts. I am not interested in levels, only the items. I think my highest i will go is 4m. I am only buying one account so if you want to sell, post FAST! or PM me Have a good day all Oops meant to put this in the other section. Noobish me D: sorry if i disrupted you buying your pures.Selling 57cb hybrid, DT Done, MM doneAW 20M/$10.00[PP]Level 3 Skiller w/ Rare display name! ( 1 2 3)Hey, here to sell my skiller, that is 100% legit. Don't play on it anymore and I need the PayPal for other things. Black Marks: Login: Stats: Bank pics: Add my If interested. It's in my sig. Thanks.
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